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How to Bypass Blocked Sites Without Using Proxies or VPNs

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how to bypass blocked sites
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Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you needed to access websites that were otherwise blocked by your system administrators? Typically, such sites are blocked due to objectionable content, or virus-infected pages, so they may redirect you to other irrelevant sites, often without a valid reason.

Fortunately, there are several ways to unblock such websites. You could use a proxy service or a VPN, but proxies may also be blocked, and VPNs require more effort (and payment in some instances). So, how can you bypass blocked sites without using proxies or VPNs?

how to bypass blocked websites

This article describes some methods you can employ to bypass blocked websites without the use of a proxy or VPN.

How Can I Bypass Blocked Sites Without Using Proxies or VPNs?

Although VPNs and proxies are popular methods for accessing blocked websites, they are not the only ones. There are numerous other methods for easily accessing blocked websites. You can bypass blocked sites without need for a proxy or VPN through the following techniques.

Using Short Links to Bypass Blocked Sites

This is a very popular method of bypassing blocked sites without proxies or VPNs; it works in the majority of cases. However, this also means that administrators are becoming more aware of the problem. Nonetheless, it should be your first port of call.

Shortened URLs became popular as a result of Twitter: when addresses counted against the character limit, using short links was a way to condense a tweet. It’s ridiculously simple. 

Simply paste a URL into a service such as Bitly, TinyURL, or Firebase Dynamic Links, and you’ll get something like:

Insert it into the address bar, and you should be redirected to your desired location, bypassing any blocks that may be present — fingers crossed.

Using an IP Address to Bypass Blocked Sites

This method for bypassing blocked sites without proxies or VPNs is similar to clicking on shortened links. IP addresses may not be blocked even if website URLs are.

A URL is a domain name, which is an IP address converted into words. So to locate the IP address of a website that is blocked, search for “Command Prompt” in the Windows search box. Then enter “tracert” and the desired domain name and pressEnter. You’ll see the IP address, and you’ll br able to copy it into your browser’s search bar.

Since most browsers default to HTTPS, you’ll almost certainly see a warning that your connection is not secure. You can continue regardless if you are certain you want to.

Using a Translator to Bypass Blocked Sites

The translator, which is primarily used to translate text from one language to another, can also be used to bypass blocked sites without using proxies or VPN.

Open any translator service, such as Google Translate or Microsoft Translator, and copy the blocked site address you want to visit. It will translate the URL into the desired language and provide a link if one is available. However, this method may not be applicable in all circumstances.

Use Tethering to Bypass Blocked Sites

The idea is that you use the internet by tethering your smartphone, which requires a high-quality data plan. It’s not worth it if all you want to do is read something from a censored site. But if you need to watch YouTube and nothing else is working, this should also work to bypass a blocked site without using proxies or VPNs. Note though that it’ll probably be slow.

● Navigate to the Settings menu. The method will then differ slightly depending on your operating system.

● On iOS simply enable Personal Hotspot and take note of the password. You’ll be able to connect via Wi-Fi, USB, or Bluetooth. Follow the instructions in that section from there. 

● To tether an Android device, go to Network & Internet, then Hotspot & Tethering

However, you should only use this in an emergency because exceeding your data usage limits can result in significant charges. Also, keep in mind that your organization’s IT department may have restricted access to new Wi-Fi networks.

In summary, the methods described above will help you bypass blocked sites without the use of a proxy or VPN. You can easily open blocked sites by using these effective and simple workarounds.

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