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Can You Buy Cryptocurrency Using Your Mobile Phone?

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Buy Cryptocurrency Using Your Mobile Phone
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If you’re a crypto novice, but you’re eager to learn, there’s a lot of questions to ask and answers to uncover.

One common query among new faces on the crypto scene is how to buy currencies, and what methods to use. So is it possible to purchase Bitcoin and its contemporaries from a smartphone? Let’s dive in and find out.

Can You Buy Cryptocurrency Using Your Mobile Phone?
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Mobile apps let you easily trade crypto whenever you want

When it comes to buying digital currency, a mobile device is arguably the most seamless and convenient option out there.

All of the major crypto exchanges have dedicated mobile applications which are available for customers to use when they’re at home or on the go.

The best apps offer all the same features and functions as you’d find from a desktop-scale, browser-based crypto trading interface, but adjusted to fit on a smaller screen and to work with touch controls.

This usually means being able to buy crypto using fiat currency through the conduit of a traditional payment card, as well as being able to trade one crypto asset for another at will.

Security is robust so long as you stick to best practices

Another point to make about using your mobile phone to buy crypto is that so long as you stick with an app from an approved exchange, the levels of protection you’ll receive as a customer will be significant.

This is partly to do with industry regulations, but also because these businesses are aware of how likely they are to be targeted by hackers.

Of course you also have a part to play in protecting your private data and your crypto assets, especially when using a smartphone.

Having a secure, memorable password is one thing that’s a must, and most crypto apps will enforce a minimum level of complexity in this area.

Another aspect is how you are connected to the web when carrying out purchases, trades or even just when you’re logging in to check on how your assets are performing. Using a public Wi-Fi connection for this is not sensible, since your data could be exposed.

Instead, if you rely on a password-protected home network, or your mobile coverage from your provider, you’ll be safer.

Your options are extensive

If you’re worried about being limited in terms of your choice of crypto assets to buy and trade when using a mobile, don’t be! From big-hitters like Bitcoin to all of the up and coming altcoin assets, there are hundreds of options available on exchanges.

Of course if you’ve already got a crypto wallet on another device, you can also create a mobile equivalent that’s tied to your smartphone, allowing you to transfer coins over and keep them with you as you go about your day.

Then there’s the ability to buy and store NFTs on your handset of choice. The rise of NFTs has been rapid, and it’s seriously appealing to be able to have instant access to digital files you own on your phone, since this makes them a breeze to show off to everyone you meet.

The bottom line

As you can see, buying crypto on a mobile phone is not just possible, but arguably the preferable way of engaging with this movement.

You’ll still need to do plenty of research before you decide on assets to purchase, and also be aware of the risks involved, both from a security perspective and in terms of the volatility of the market.

Once you’re up to speed, opening a crypto app will become second nature, and you’ll be on top of all your trades in one place.

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