How to Charge your Phone Without A Charger

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Even though it can be a bother, keeping our phones fully charged is a requirement of modern living. Missing a call or crucial message can be detrimental, whether for work or communicating with family members.


Despite this, it seems like so many of us experience battery issues with our phones that they frequently stop working without our knowledge. If this is the case, it may become necessary in some situations to try charging a phone without a charger, regardless of whether you lost the charger or simply forgot to take it out with you.

How to Charge your Phone Without A Charger

In this guide, we have provided instructions for some of the easiest ways to charge your mobile device if you ever find yourself without your charger.

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Use Wireless Charging

This is one of the easiest options available if you’re unsure of how to charge your phone without a mains charger. Modern smartphones have almost solely been made to work with wireless chargers. This means that a lot of users won’t need to carry a bulky mains charger around with them when they’re on the go.

Wireless charging is now a standard feature on iPhone 8 models and beyond, as well as many different brands of Android smartphones. Since they work with any charging pad or station, we don’t need to search for a charging cable that will fit their ports. As a result, it can be used with phones that have a hard time attaching to the charging cord.

There are numerous varieties of wireless chargers available on the market. They typically feature pads on which you can set your phone to charge through touch. Some can even keep your phone upright while charging.

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Use a Solar Charger

We’re suggesting this as a different option that uses renewable energy to go one step further and charge the mobile device without a cable charger. Solar phone chargers use the sun’s energy, making them extremely sustainable and perfect for people living in warm climates.

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If it’s a hot day outside, you should consider employing this strategy. To charge it in the sun’s rays, you will only need to horizontally extend the charger cells. The sun’s energy is subsequently transformed by the solar charger into electricity, which can run your phone.


Use a Laptop or Computer’s USB Ports

Mobile phone charging is also possible through this method without needing a wall outlet. You only need a laptop with a battery and a USB connection that connects to the charging port on your specific phone. If you find yourself on the street or if there is a power outage, this alternative is quite helpful. This is so that it can operate without a power source by drawing power from the laptop’s battery.

You can charge the mobile device while the laptop’s battery is still full by attaching it to the USB port. The speed at which this charging process operates is a major downside. This method of charging a smartphone takes much longer because laptop USB ports are not designed to enable high-speed charges.


Use a Power bank or Portable Battery

Due to the fact that they can be used to charge a variety of electrical gadgets, portable batteries are particularly practical. So, if you find yourself in a place where there is a power outage or no mains access, charging a mobile device using this method is an excellent option.

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Even if you don’t use it, it’s advisable to charge a portable battery every six months. Power banks gradually lose their stored energy because they cannot retain it indefinitely. Simply connect the USB cord to the output port of the portable battery to use this approach to charge your smartphone. Typically, the power bank itself will include this cable.


You might need to charge your power bank more frequently if the battery on your phone doesn’t last a day. This is because you might use the power bank more often than you anticipate when you’re on the move, especially considering your phone’s weak battery.

Use a Backpack with Integrated Charger

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There are backpacks with integrated batteries that can be used to charge smartphones without a plug or charger. You won’t need to bring your charger with you if you choose to charge your mobile device this way or, to be more accurate, your backpack is already acting as your charger. Thanks to this battery replacement, you can conveniently charge your phone anywhere.

On the market, you’ll find that a variety of backpacks with built-in batteries are available. To determine which one best suits the qualities of your cell phone, speak with a technical or mobile professional.

Summarily, not having your charger with you doesn’t have to mean the end of the world or a completely ruined day. You can try any of these convenient methods to charge your mobile device and get it functioning without interruptions.

We’re sure you’ll find this article really helpful, so it’s a good idea to recommend it to your loved ones so they can also get the best out of it.

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