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Samsung A02 problems and solutions

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The Samsung A02 was released on the 2uth of January 2021 as one of Samsung’s latest entry-level smartphones. There, largely, have been positive feedback from users with a handful that have similar problems. These problems are what we are going to look at today.

Samsung A02 problems and solutions

Samsung A02 problem: Slow or Laggy UI

This is one of the most common issues that users have encountered while using the Samsung A02. Issues like these are common with old phones with little space but can also occur in newer phones because of the size of the RAM. Here are the reasons as well as the ways to fix this issue.

•Antivirus app and junk cleaner: if you have an Antivirus or junk cleaner app installed on your Samsung A02, delete them. These apps might clean up your junk and free up space but cause overheating and lag on your device, just by being run. 

•Storage space: if you do not have enough space for your device to run, your device will inevitably start to lag. You need to make sure that you have more than enough space on your Samsung A02 to run smoothly. Try freeing up space on your device by deleting pictures, videos, and apps that you do not necessarily need. 

Custom theme: Sometimes using a custom theme on your smartphone can cause this issue. It is better to revert to a normal theme and optimize your device’s performance than use one that will make your user interface laggy.

•Third-Party launcher: using a third-party launcher can also be the cause of lag on your Samsung A02. Uninstall the third-party launcher and make use of the original launcher on your smartphone.

•Software update: Keeping your Samsung A02 updated consistently can fix the lag. Software updates usually fix whatever bugs and problems your smartphone might have. So, constantly check for updates on your smartphone. If there are updates available, install them. To check: Go to Settings >> Software update (System updates) >> Then Tap on the Download and install, or Check for system updates.

•Update all installed apps: using outdated apps on your smartphone can cause your device to lag. Go to your App store and update the affected app, if they are not updated already.

•Restarting your device: a simple restart could go a long way in reducing or fixing lag. as a minor firmware issue could be causing your phone to slow down, which can be fixed with a restart.

Samsung A02 problem: Screenshots

Another common issue that users have come across is a problem with screenshots on the Samsung A02. Be it the lack of knowledge on how to take a screenshot or the presence of an actual problem blocking the screenshot feature, we are going to shed light on them both. Pressing the Power and Volume down buttons should do the trick on most phones. But if you get an error like “Can’t take screenshot” or the screenshot appears blank, this post will help you. 

If you receive a “can’t take screenshot” message when attempting one, it is because that page contains personal information messages. This means that the app/page has restricted the screenshot capability, or your device is from your company or school/college. It has nothing to do with your phone. To fix it, you can either contact the department that issued your phone or use Google Assistant to take screenshots in restricted apps. If you are still facing problems with taking screenshots follow these steps below.

•Clean all of your opened apps. You can do this by opening the recent apps tab and selecting “close all apps” or “clear all apps”. You can also swipe up and close each one at a time.

•Restart your device. You can fix this issue by simply restarting your phone. A service could be interrupting the screenshot functionality which can be resolved by restarting it.

•Check your internal storage. Sometimes having low internal storage could be the cause of your inability to take screenshots. Free up space by deleting what you don’t need on your Samsung A02.

•Turn off Incognito mode. Now, I think a lot of people have fallen victim to this one. If you are carrying out activities in Incognito mode, you will not be able to take a screenshot of any page. 

•Enable media storage. If you have your media storage app disabled on your Samsung A02, then you will have problems taking screenshots. To enable it;

1. Go to settings and select “Apps”

2. Go to the “All apps” section. Tap on the three-dot icon at the top and choose Show system apps. On your Samsung A02, tap on the Sort icon and enable the toggle for Show system apps.

3. Look for Media storage. Tap on Enable, if available

•Use Safe mode. Safe mode disables all third-party apps because they could be the reason for the screenshot problem. To do this press and hold the Power button until you see the Power menu. Touch and hold the Power off option. Then tap on Safe mode. Your phone will then restart and boot into Safe mode.

•Resetting your settings can also be a good fix if none of these things work. To do so, navigate to Settings > System (General Management) > Reset > Reset all settings (Reset app preferences).

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