Check out the $395 Emporio Armani EA Connected Watch from Fossil

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A lot of tech companies are designing smartwatches. Now, it looks like other companies are joining the trend. Recently, fashion brand Armani first joined this train with the Emporio Armani EA Connected Watch. Now, the company has returned with a touchscreen version of the watch, which runs Android Wear 2.0. This new smartwatch is part of parent company Fossil’s effort to launch 300 new smartwatch options in 2017.

The new Emporio Armani EA Connected Watch was first announced during the Milan Fashion Week. In appearance, it is just as good as you would expect from one of the top fashion brands in the world, with a 46mm body and exquisite design. This version of the smartwatch is designed to be easier to wear every day. Now, the EA Connected Watch will have a selection of 8 custom Armani watch faces. Also, Armani is offering 11 interchangeable watch bands. These are made of fabric, leather or rubber, and they measure 22mm.EA Connected Watch

Now, the EA Connected Watch is a typical Android Wear 2.0 smartwatch. It can be used to summoning Google Assistant, check smartphone notifications, and also send and receive text. Most of these features will be available if you are making use of an Android smartphone, though Android Wear is compatible with iOS devices too. The smartwatch comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2100 processor, an AMOLED display, wireless charging, and an IP67 water resistance rating. As of now, that’s all there is to know about the specifications, as Armani has not released any detailed technical specifications yet.

Now, it has been mentioned that Armani’s parent company Fossil is trying to launch a large number of new smartwatches this year. This is to be done both through the fossil brand and through the company’s various sub-brands, which include Armani, Michael Kors, Diesel, and some others. Right now, the company has launched 100 smartwatches, and it shows no signs of slowing down. Not all of these smartwatches will run Android Wear, though. Many of these devices will be hybrids, and some of them will simply be variations of a single watch. As of now, the EA Connected Watch is available for sale for up to $395.


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