Common Problems With Samsung Galaxy A51, And How To Fix Them

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This article walks you through some of the most common problems with Samsung Galaxy A51, as well as fixes and solutions. 

The Samsung Galaxy A51 launched in 2019, growing in popularity and going on to become Samsung’s best-selling smartphone of Q1 2020. However, as good as this smartphone is, a number of users complained about certain anomalies, with certain units experiencing 4G and battery issues. In this article, we will look closely at some of the more common issues and how to solve them without needing a technician.

Common Problems With Samsung Galaxy A51, And How To Fix Them

Common Problems with Samsung Galaxy A51, along with Fixes and Solutions

  • Battery Draining Too Quickly: A problem not peculiar to this model of Samsung smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy A51 has had quite a handful of users complain about its battery, with a number noting that it drains too fast. The battery capacity, together with a powerful Super AMOLED display puts a significant strain on this battery, making it die rather quickly.

The good part is, you can take these steps to reduce the strain on your battery and improve your screen time:

  1. Disable background apps.
  2. Turn off Wi-Fi, Mobile Data and Location services when not in use.
  3. Disable auto-brightness and set the brightness yourself.

These steps above should help you nip this issue in the bud.

Samsung Galaxy A51
Samsung Galaxy A51 with punch hole selfie camera
  • 4G Connectivity: A number of users have complained that they experienced difficulties turning on mobile data on their devices from the notification bar. At the end of the day, they needed to reboot the smartphone or navigate to settings to enable mobile data from there.

To resolve this issue, try getting the latest software updates on your device. Go to settings, check software update, click download update and wait for update to complete. Then reboot your phone and check out if the 4G is working better now.

  • The Samsung Galaxy A51 refuses to update: This peculiar problem has been reported by a handful of users, as the Galaxy A51 did not start the reboot-flash-boot sequence on the stock ROM. If this has ever happened to you, you can first off, free up some storage space, after doing this, you can navigate to the Updater app and clear cache and data.

If none of the tips above help you bypass this issue, then try booting this device into recovery and wipe the cache partition.

  • Brightness problems: The Samsung Galaxy A51 has a very impressive Super AMOLED display with wonderful viewing angles and good brightness reaching up to 565 nits when the Adaptive Brightness is enabled. However, a number of users have encountered issues with this display, as the display dims even when the adaptive brightness setting is disabled.

To solve this problem, you can try rebooting this device to see if the problem is reversed, if it is not, try the Test code *#0*# to see if your display has any factory errors. If none of the tips above are helpful, you can try a factory reset.

  • UI freezing and animation lags: Users of the Samsung Galaxy A51 reported a number of issues with the OneUI, with some saying that the device freezes, with transition animations lagging too. If you’ve been facing this issue, you can try:
  1. Rebooting your smartphone.
  2. Try booting your device in Safe Mode and check out for improvements, if there are, lower the animation scale in Developer options from 1 to 0.5 or totally disable them.
  3. Limit the number of background apps in Developer options.
  4. Update the firmware and reset the device to factory settings.

These steps should help you take care of a number of software-related issues troubling your Samsung Galaxy A51. But if your issue stems from physical damage, then you should get a technician to take a look at your device.

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