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Smartwatches are now becoming more rampant around us today, more smartphone manufacturers are branching into the wearables market. In this article, we will focus on the Galaxy Watch from Samsung, and how you can control other devices from your Galaxy Watch.

Smartwatches go beyond just looking fancy and tracking your steps and health, they are more capable than that! Today, one of the smallest portals in the world of the internet of things (IoT) are smartwatches. Since we are looking at the Galaxy Watch, you need to have other Samsung appliances at home such as a Samsung TV, smart fridge and so on (this is one way manufacturers keep consumers in their ecosystem).

Galaxy Watch
Control devices from your Galaxy Watch.

Steps to take to aid you control other devices from your Galaxy Watch

  • Download the Smart Things app on your Galaxy Watch: Ensure that you have the Smart things app downloaded on your smartphone and also on your Galaxy Watch. To do this, pair your Galaxy Watch to your phone (with internet access) and sign in to your Samsung account. On your Galaxy Watch, navigate to the Galaxy Store and download the Smart things app.
  • Launch The Smart Things app: After the Smart things app has been downloaded and installed, navigate to the app and open it. You will be greeted by various options such as scenes, devices, automation and settings. Select devices, the list of your Samsung devices pair will be displayed. Tap on the device name to control it, you can use your Galaxy Watch as a remote to control your Samsung smart TV, turn it on or off, change the channel and even adjust the volume.

The same steps can be used to control other smart devices around you such as smart bulbs, smart speakers, and smart fridges. Get the most out of your Galaxy Watch today!

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