Convert and download YouTube videos on any tablet or smartphone

I love music. I love to sing and dance, and I do both quite well. There are times that I can’t find a favourite track of mine to buy – especially oldies (I’m an 80s/90s guy). At such times, I head to YouTube to look for a video that I can convert to audio and playback on my mobile.

By default, on PC I use KeepVid. It is a web-based service that requires a Java installation running on your PC for it to work. Same goes for almost all the alternatives that I have found – Java is required.

The java requirement means that these services don’t work on smartphones and tablets. That wasn’t a good thing. You know, I am out and about, hear an old tune from Eddy Grant on the car radio and want to find it before I get busy again and forget. Dang! No PC available.

Anyway, I went searching and finally found one service that gets the job done without requiring a Java installation. It is called (that’s the website address too). It is quite nice that the site has both a full desktop version (which loads when I visit on the PlayBook), and a mobile version (which loads when I visit on BlackBerry). Top marks for that.

Convert and download YouTube videos on any tablet or smartphone with ClipConverter is a free web-based service that lets you convert your YouTube videos to MP3, AAC, MP4, WMA, OGG, M4A, 3GP, AVI. MPG, WMV or FLV format, whichever you choose. As such, you can convert a YouTube video to a wide range of audio and video formats – whether you are on PC or mobile.

Convert and download YouTube videos on any tablet or smartphone

How it works? Find the YouTube video that you want to convert/download, copy the URL (link/address), paste in the provided text box, select the file format that you want to convert to, and click the ‘Start’ button. Your video will be converted, and a download link provided. Click that to download. Simple.

The resulting files are of superb quality. I am really stunned by the quality of audio and video reproduction. If you are a music person like me, or into a wide variety of videos (comedy, documentary, et al), you should check out

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