Nokia N9 Tip – How To Use The Volume Up Button As Shutter

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I am a shutterbug, and most of the pictures that I take are shot with a mobile phone. My kids once said to me, “Daddy, you can snap. You snap everything!

One of my pet peeves with the Nokia N9 is the lack of a hardware camera shutter button. Not having one means that I can’t take those self-portraits that I so love.

If you own an N9 (or plan to own one) and you are displeased with the lack of a physical shutter button for the camera as I am, I have good news for you.

A hack has been released which maps the “volume up” button on the device as a shutter button for the camera.

How To

1. Download the hack as a Debian file (application format for Maemo/MeeGo)

2. Run it to install on your N9. Once installed, you will find its icon in your app menu just like other apps

3. Anytime you need to use a shutter button, launch the app and leave it running in the background. As long as it is running, whenever you launch the camera, you can just use your “volume up” button as a shutter key.

That’s it. I have it running on my N9 now, and it is such a joy to be able to point the camera at myself (or anything else), smile, and… snap!

Source via Nokia Innovations

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  1. The power of software!

    There are also numerous apps on the symbian that allow you allocate any hardware key to any function – not just camera shuttering!

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