Need a Torrent app for iOS? Here are 3 ways to go about it

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Torrent apps have been prohibited on iOS and iOS devices due to the fact that it is usually linked with piracy. Torrents have been used by millions to lay hands on various types of media and apps without having to pay for it, and clearly, this goes against the precepts Apple, hence the subsequent rejection of any torrent downloading app.

Even though there are plenty legitimate uses for BitTorrent, like downloading freeware or media that is distributed (legally) freely, but just the fact that it’s so popular amongst illegal downloaders has stopped Apple from allowing BitTorrent clients onto iOS.

torrent app for iOS

Download Blue Downloader, a torrent app for iOS

Blue Downloader is a torrent application for iOS that let’s users download torrent files right onto their device without need for jailbreak. Its developer apparently managed to get past Apple’s app reviewers by making no mention of BitTorrent in the app’s sparse App Store description. Real sense man🙂

The app allows you to search for torrent files through Google, so practically all of the torrents available on the internet are at your fingertips. Launching the app’s opening page, you see a webpage has links to legitimate torrent sites. Then you choose what you want to download from there.

iOS fans can celebrate now, though their joy can be cut short, because someone at Apple can get wise and take down the app. But before then, if you’re interested in having a torrent app on your non-jailbroken iOS device, head to the App Store, it’ll cost you only $3.

2023 update: Real Sense Man has since been removed from the App Store, but there are a few other alternatives. Do know that none of them is straightforward, thanks to Apple’s policy towards torrent apps.

Download iTorrent, an alternative torrent app for iOS

You can download and install iTorrent, another torrent app for iOS. Note that every 7 days after installing it, you have to re-sign the app and send them to the AltServer. Get the details, instructions, and download link on this page.

Use OffCloud website instead of a torrent app for iOS

OffCloud is a website that allows you to download any content from the Web. BitTorrent links and magnets are supported, so you can use it to download torrents on iPhone and iPad. You can use the service for free (registration is required) and get access to fetch up to 3 BitTorrent links. You can upgrade to a paid plan for extra access and premium features. Visit the official OffCloud website.

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