Edifier TWS1 Pro and TWS NB2 Pro: Which is better?

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The Edifier TWS1 Pro and TWS NB2 Pro are offspring of the same parent company. I have had the privilege of playing with both to compare what the experience with each are. Like smartphones, Bluetooth earphones often differ in many ways – materials of construction, quality of the membrane, IP rating, audio codecs, Bluetooth versions, etc.

How do this two fare? What are their differences, and what features do they have in common? From what I have seen of both, they might bear the same brand name, but they are two very different devices in terms of approach, design, features, and audio listening experience.

Edifier TWS1 Pro and TWS NB2 Pro compare
L-R: Edifier TWS1 Pro and TWS NB2 Pro

The NB2 Pro is the slightly older of the two devices, and this is reflective in some features. Let us have a look at our side-by-side comparison table.

Edifier TWS1 Pro and TWS NB2 Pro: Comparison Table

Edifier TWS1 Pro Edifier TWS NB2 Pro
Bluetooth 5.2 Bluetooth 5.0
Titanium diaphragm  Composite diaphragm 
IP65 water/dust protection IP54 splash/dust protection 
Qualcomm aptX Adaptive N/A
Qualcomm cVc 8.0 noise cancellation  Dual-mic, hybrid noise cancellation 
N/A Quick Ambient Mode 
N/A In-ear detection 
7.5W “Fast” charging 5W Standard charging 
12-hour playback time, plus 30-hour extra battery time via charging case  7 to 9-hour playback time, plus  18-23-hour extra battery time via charging case
$49.99 on Amazon. ₦14,600 on Jumia.  $79.99 on Amazon. ₦24,600 on Jumia. 
Edifier NB2 true wireless stereo earphones
Edifier TWS NB2 Pro

Edifier TWS1 Pro and TWS NB2 Pro: The Differences Explained

In terms of appearances and quality of materials used, the TWS NB2 is the far more impressive earbuds here. You cannot wear them and not get noticed. They look futuristic and feel more premium in the hand. The TWS1 Pro (and its charging case) looks and feels much cheaper.

But it isn’t about looks alone. The TWS NB2 also offer the ability to switch between ambient modes. The Quick Ambient Mode feature lets you cycle between modes where you can hear sound from around you, to Normal Mode where surrounding sound is cancelled out, to Game Mode where you get better latency for your gaming experience.

It also has IP52 protection from splashes and dust. However, the TWS1 Pro has a higher, IP65 rating, which provides better protection from water. The latter will survive being dropped in a bowl of water for about 30 minutes. The TWS NB2 is not likely to.

The TWS NB2 also detects when the buds are taken out of your ears and automatically pauses music playback when that happens. This is not available in the TWS1 Pro.

While the TWS NB2 uses Bluetooth 5.0, its younger sibling uses the newer, more advanced Bluetooth 5.2. In practical terms, Bluetooth 5.2 translates to better quality audio and longer battery life. This reflects in the battery life figures for these two earbuds: the TWS1 Pro lasts longer on a full charge.

When it comes to audio quality between the Edifier TWS1 Pro and TWS NB2 Pro, the combination of Bluetooth 5.2, aptX Adaptive codec, and the solid titanium diaphragm puts the TWS1 Pro ahead of its sibling. The newer earbuds also use Qualcomm’s cVc 8.0 noise cancellation, which does a good job of keeping unwanted sound out.

In terms of charging speeds, the TWS1 Pro supports the slightly faster 7.5W charging, as against the standard 5W charging on the TWS NB2. It isn’t that much faster, but I will take faster any day.

In terms of Bluetooth profiles, both devices are similar, with the exception that the TWS1 Pro lacks Bluetooth LE (Bluetooth Low Energy), which is an older standard for lower power consumption. This omission isn’t a problem because Bluetooth 5.2, which the TWS1 Pro uses, is a more advanced profile with better low energy management.

Edifier TWS1 Pro Blietooth earbuds with aptX Adaptive support
Edifier TWS1 Pro

Edifier TWS1 Pro and TWS NB2 Pro: Conclusions

I love the futuristic design of the NB2 Pro, along with its adaptive noise cancellation and the different modes you can cycle through, depending on your surrounding. But when it comes to music playback quality, the TWS1 Pro takes the cake. The aptX Adaptive support, as well as high quality membrane, combine to produce much better quality audio. Plus, it has a higher waterproof and dustproof IP rating.

And in an interesting twist, the TWS1 Pro is also the more affordable of the two. On the other hand, my experience has been that the NB2 Pro is more suited for driving, cycling, or walking, as the Ambient Mode lets you stay aware of sounds around you, for your personal safety. It is also definitely better for gaming (thanks to the Game Mode), and is better suited to occasions where you need to look cool and make a statement. Check out our Edifier TWS NB2 Pro review.

In summary, these two earbuds are great products that meet different needs. If you were given the option to pick between the Edifier TWS1 Pro and TWS NB2 Pro wireless earbuds, which will be your choice?

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