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7 ways to enhance your productivity this year, with your Nokia mobile

Avatar of Content Partner By Content Partner Feb10,2021
enhance your productivity with your Nokia mobile
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The new year allows us to refresh our goals and aspirations. However, it takes determination and deliberateness to achieve those goals, including those digital technology detox targets.

In the digital age, as we are more dependent on technology, how do we strike a balance and maintain productivity? And how do you ensure that your screen time works for you?

enhance your productivity with your Nokia devices

You deserve a smartphone that aids your productivity and acts as a partner, supporting you towards achieving your goals. Specially curated for you, here are our top seven tips on staying productive all year round with your Nokia devices:

Enabling focus mode – Avoid getting side-tracked by enabling focus mode on your Nokia Smart phone. The focus mode feature helps you as a user stay focused on what’s more important at select times by pausing distracting apps that you chose to hide their notifications.

App Timers – Set daily limits on how long you can use each app. Your Nokia Device is equipped with app timers. It aids your digital wellbeing by managing the time you spend interacting with certain apps, giving you more time for productivity.

Reminders – Create to-do lists and set reminders to ensure you get tasks done. Why not break them down into mini-tasks and set reminders for each one on your Nokia device. This way, you can optimize your productivity each day.

Time Management – Track the time spent on activities. Your Nokia mobile’s clock can be used for much more than telling time and setting alarms. Why not try the timer function to keep yourself moving through the day.

Setup your home-screen for productivity – Place your most important apps, for productivity, on your home-screen. This also serves as motivation, to enable you stay productive and on top of things all through the day.

Voice-activated Personal Assistant – Let Google Assistant help and with the click of a button minimize the time spent on searches, making phone calls, taking notes, setting reminders and much more.

Do not disturb – Enable do not disturb and keep distractions at bay. For the duration of your task, you can be assured that there will be no interruptions.

Enhance your productivity and explore a wide selection of Nokia Mobile devices, including the premium Nokia 8.3 5G selling at a retail price of ₦238,400, budget-friendly Nokia 3.4 and Nokia 2.4, retailing at ₦63,000 and ₦46,000, respectively.

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