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How to Erase Android Data Completely with SafeWiper

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Lots of cybercrime that are witnessed in this era involve personal information being accessed by unauthorized people. Simply deleting your data from your Android device is not sufficient because the data is not wiped completely and often remains on the device on the backside. We share with you a means to erase Android data properly in order to protect your highly confidential data.

The best thing that you can probably do is take time in order to overwrite the space of your drive with only binary digits. that is ones and zero. You will be amazed to hear that the SafeWiper for Android is one of the most secure programs for the data wiping. It will overwrite each and every part of the Android storage system. The files that will be erased by this application program are the call history, contact, messages, app data, music, videos, pictures, chat history, cache, downloaded files and cookies.

Top Features of SafeWiper for Android

The most compelling feature of this app is that it destroys data with the help of military grade algorithm. The benefit is that the erased data is impossible to recover even if you use any complicated tools. Other features that you won’t find in any other app are as follows:

  • There are three wiping modes that are available, which will act as per your need. The first option is to delete all data, the second one is to erase private data and the last option is to delete all the data related to the app. Each option has its significant purpose and will help you to erase data from your phone permanently.
  • Installing this app also ensures that nothing gets recovered; it wipes everything in a permanent way.

How SafeWiper for Android Works

If you have a mindset that deleting the text messages, and other personal information using the simple delete function is adequate to keep sensitive info safe, you have a wrong conception. You will be shocked to know that even these deleted files get stored in the cache memory of the Android device and thus could be easily recovered by the free data recovery tool.

Hackers always find these loopholes to gain access your personal info. This is where SafeWiper for Android comes in, because it effectively protects the privacy and security of your phone. There are few steps that will explain the working of this trusted program.

The first step is to download, install and then run the SafeWiper. At first, you can use it for free on Mac computer or your PC, but after a certain period of time, you will have to pay for it.

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After installing you will have to connect your handset or the Android device to the computer with the help of USB cable. Eventually, you will also have to turn on the debugging option that exists on your android device. As soon as the phone is plugged in, the SafeWiper will detect the device and will show some details related to it.

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If all the details matched correctly, then you will have to select the wiping data option. In this screen, you will select the operation that you want to select that is whether you want to delete the entire data present on phone, or you desire to delete the personal information only. Additionally, if you choose to erase all your Social network chats, attachments, and login information then you can also select Erase App Data to conquer that task. After confirming the option, you will have to select the Erase button that will delete all data that exist on the phone.

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It has become very much clear that deleting or just formatting your device will remove the data from the device and even the SD card. But there are changes that it can get recovered. See more wiping details to wipe your Android phone. There are ways by which you will be assured that no file and information gets recovered, that is by running the application called Safewiper for Android. Protecting the privacy and security of your personal identification should never be compromised.

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