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iPhone Not Receiving Texts From Android: Solutions

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Apple’s commitment to providing its consumers with high-quality service has helped the iPhone gain millions of users around the world. However, this does not guarantee that all iOS devices are faultless; they also run into issues occasionally. 

For instance, some users say their iPhones don’t receive texts from Android devices. If you’re ever faced with such a problem, there are several fixes to try. In this guide, you’ll learn the different ways to fix an iPhone not receiving texts from Android devices.

iPhone Not Receiving Texts From Android

How Can I Fix an iPhone Not Receiving Texts from Android?

Try out one or more of the following solutions to fix an iPhone not receiving texts from Android devices.

Verify that the number isn’t blocked

This is one of the things to first check when trying to fix an iPhone not receiving texts from Android phones. No matter what kind of phone they have, if you unintentionally or purposefully block a number, you won’t ever get any SMS from that individual. It is quick and simple to check if you blocked someone if you aren’t receiving messages from them.

Go to Settings > Messages > Blocked Contacts to view your blocked contacts. Remove any numbers you don’t want to be blocked from the list. Simply swipe left and select Unblock

If this doesn’t work to fix an iPhone not receiving texts from Android, try other options below.

Enable MMS and Group Messaging

Even if MMS and Group Messaging are not enabled on every iPhone, they’ll all still be capable of receiving text messages by default. However, you won’t be able to see an Android user’s sent image, sticker, emoji, or group message on your iPhone unless MMS and Group Messaging are turned on.

If you normally receive images or emojis via iMessage from other iPhone users, you might not be aware that you have these turned off. That’s because receiving photos using iMessage doesn’t require MMS to be enabled.

Go to Settings > Messages > MMS Messaging and set this on to enable MMS Messaging and Group Messaging and fix iPhone not receiving texts from Android. Afterward,  activate Group Messaging by clicking the button directly below.

Delete Old Text Messages

Another way to fix an iPhone not receiving texts from Android is to free up space by deleting old text messages. Inadequate storage may cause you to miss additional texts if you have an excessive number of text messages on your iPhone. 

Deleting text messages can be helpful if you haven’t done it recently or if your iPhone is displaying a low storage warning. To delete messages, open the Messages app and select Edit > Select Messages. Then, delete any unimportant messages.

Once you delete these old threads and messages, get someone that uses an Android device to send you a new text message. If it works, then you’ve successfully fixed the issue. Otherwise, try our next option to fix the iPhone not receiving texts from Android.

Contact your cell phone carrier

If none of the above solutions worked to fix an iPhone not receiving texts from Android, you should speak with your carrier to determine if there’s a problem with your cellular service. There’s a good chance that your cell network operator knows why your iPhone isn’t getting text messages.

Note that to fix iPhones not receiving texts from Android, some iPhone users have mentioned trying to restart their devices or reset their network settings. Unfortunately, neither of these solutions appears to be consistently effective. However, you could still try them before you reach out to your carrier.

You could also attempt other things like toggling airplane mode off or on, or checking for available iOS updates.

In summary, feel free to try out any of our suggested options in this guide to fix an iPhone not receiving texts from Android devices. Also, follow the instructions correctly for the best outcome.

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