Xender: Transfer files faster between phones

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Originally named Flash share or Flash Transfer, and recently renamed Xender, this app is a WiFi File transfer application. It is always pre-installed in phones from Chinese smartphone brands and low end/budget Android devices from other brands. One notable feature of this app is that with it, you can share files between Android devices at very fast speeds, even faster than Bluetooth.

Xender on iPhone

How to use this app to transfer files faster

1.) Locate it in your phone’s app drawer and run it for the first time. You are presented with a page where you are required to pick an avatar and name.


2.) The homepage opens. Then you have to pair the two devices you want to share files with. From the homepage, click on “Connect with Friends” or “Connect phone

Flash X connect

3.) On one of the phones, “Create group” or “Create a connection” while on the other, you “Join Group” or “Join a Connection“.


4.) Once paired, mark files and send, or shake the phone to send.


With this app installed, you can transfer files of up to 1GB in a few minutes. Xender is available for download in Google Play Store. Update: Xender has since been made available for iPhone and is a great way to move files between an iPhone and other devices. Find out how to use Xender on iPhone.

How to get Xender

Download Xender for Android | Download Xender for iOS.

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