Top 10 Football Streaming Apps for iPhone and Android Phones

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If you prefer to watch football matches on your smartphone or tablet, you will enjoy the collection of football streaming apps we have put together. You will be able to watch soccer for free and live on your mobile device, whether it is Android or iOS.

You will be able to watch matches from the major leagues and tournaments around the world, as well as the most important tournament in each country, thanks to the applications we have compiled. You will be able to follow each and every match of your favorite teams if you use these apps. Keep in mind that, while these football streaming apps are free, some of the matches are only available in subscription mode.

Top 10 Football Streaming Apps for iPhone and Android Phones

1. LaLiga Sports TV

It was inevitable, but LaLiga now has its own football streaming app for watching football online and live from any device, mobile or SmartTV. LaLiga Sports TV is the official service for live sports transmissions. Gives you the chance to enjoy various sports, including soccer and futsal, in leagues like the ASOBAL league, the AFC Champions League, LaLiga Santander and LaLiga Smartbank, among many others.

The service provides access to all of its content via a subscription that costs 9.99 euros per month. Furthermore, it has official apps for iOS, Android, and Smart TV.

2. Movistar+

The Movistar+ app is not just a football streaming app. It offers a wide variety of sports in addition to movies and television shows. This app has the rights to the Spanish League, other important competitions like the UEFA Champions League, South American competitions, and leagues with the same stature as the Italian league. For Android and iOS, the app can be downloaded for free, but in order to access the sports channels, you must have a subscription..


DAZN is a free-to-download football streaming app that also requires a monthly paid subscription to watch football matches from the Spanish, English, and Italian leagues, as well as the UEFA Champions League. It’s an app that has made an impact in Spain and includes other types of sports such as MotoGP and Formula 1.

4. Orange Tv

We now move on to the free football streaming app that demand a subscription. Orange TV gives us the option to purchase a subscription to watch all the games from any location in the Santander League, SmartBank League, Champions League, or Europa League.

5. Mobdro

Mobdro is a fantastic free online video streaming service. It is widely used for video streaming needs and allows users to start a simple search for their favorite videos on the internet. This app works with Mac, Windows, and Android operating systems. A variety of useful features, such as bookmarks, are available here. This means you can save your favorite videos for later viewing hours or days. Mobdro TV free sport has a massive database that holds an enormous amount of videos.

6. Sky Sports app

The Sky Sport app is accessible to those without a Sky subscription as well. Fans are kept up to date with the 24-hour sports news channel Sky Sport News HD’s live stream, numerous freely available videos, such as those from the Champions League, and a wealth of details and summaries. Even for four clubs, push notifications can be turned on.

7. 365 scores

It contains a ton of information on tennis, basketball, soccer, football, and other sports news highlights. Additionally, information is available regarding Live Notifications, Highlights, Videos, Leaderboards, and Tournament Trees. These fascinating items are all conveniently located on a platform that is simple to use. If a goal has just been scored, you can see it with this application within five minutes. You can combine all of your favorite sports channels into 365 scores in one location, and notifications can be personalized. The channel is well-known for its games and live tables, and football news is updated with international coverage.

8. Super sport

You can watch live videos of sports events like tennis, cricket, rugby, and football using this app. The user-friendly interface makes it simple for beginners to access and instantly stream any club game. You’ll be happy to learn that SuperSport also provides online access to group and match chat as well as live commentary. This app can help you get all the highlights in video form after a game if you have to miss it live due to a busy schedule. This app allows users to follow their preferred team and receive real-time updates on their games. Additionally, it sends notifications with the dates and times of upcoming games to remind you of them.

9. YipTV

YipTV is the best choice for you if you want to avoid the issues brought on by cable providers but never want to give up your sports content. With so many interesting live channels, it offers a stunning freemium subscription model. More than 100 live TV channels, including sports, entertainment, and news, are currently available on this platform, which is expanding daily. As a result, it has something special to offer for every kind of viewer. Highlights that are particularly well-liked include EuroNews, Bloomberg, Flight Network, BelN Sports, and many others.

10. CBS Sports

Users can watch games in real time while also getting the most recent news on all international sporting events. When you download and sign in to this app, choose your preferred sports team, and the app will instantly notify you of all match results, team rosters, and occasionally updated statistics. Even on one screen, it enables users to view at least 8 games concurrently. Additionally, you can add a custom navigation link to this app and rank the sports that you are most interested in.

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