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Top 6 Free Android Apps to Compress Video Files

Avatar of Moses Udah By Moses Udah Sep30,2022
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When you make a funny video with your friends or capture a beautiful scene in nature, you may want to send it to someone or post it online. The issue is that some videos have extremely large file sizes, making them difficult to upload or send to anyone. As a result, before you can send the video, you may need to compress the Video files.

The good news is that you can easily compress video files using free applications on your Android phone. Then you can delete the original video, free up space on your phone, and send the video to whoever you want! Here are six apps for compressing video files on Android smartphones.

Top 6 Free Android Apps to Compress Video Files

1. Video Compress

Video Compress greatly simplifies the process of compressing videos and sharing them on social networks such as Facebook, Google+, WhatsApp, and others.


i. For different compression levels, video quality can be set to high, normal, or low.
ii. The interface is simple to use, and the compression process is quick.
iii. All video formats are supported.
iv. Allows audio to be removed if desired, reducing file size even further.
v. If necessary, a video can be converted to an audio-only MP3 file.

i. It can be difficult to delete new video files from the application at times.
ii. The ability to send videos to users via SMS does not always work.

2. Resize Video

You can easily compress video files on Android phones and tablets using Resize Video. You can select the best video size for your needs and even shorten the video before compressing it.


i. Videos can be easily resized, cropped, and trimmed.
Remove audio from videos and replace it with music if necessary.
ii. Share videos on social media platforms such as Facebook, Gmail, and others.
iii. Using the app, you can save and delete videos.


i. Some users were dissatisfied with the degree to which their videos were resized. They wanted to make their videos even smaller.

3. Video Compressor by Sunshine

Sunshine’s Video Compressor is one of the few multi-video compressor apps available on Google Play. To save space on your phone, you can combine multiple videos into a single compressed file.


i. If desired, compresses multiple large files into a single smaller file.
ii. Overwrites compressed videos to optimize storage space, giving you an average of 90% more storage space on your phone.
iii. Compression settings for FHD, HD, and SD are available. The SD card has the smallest file size.
Instantly transfer your compressed videos.


i. Only compresses files created on your phone; it does not compress video files downloaded from online sources.

4. Videos & Movies Compressor

All popular video formats are supported by Videos & Movies Compressor. The app makes it simple to compress videos on Android and share them with friends and family.


i. Every video and film format is supported.
ii. Choose the size by adjusting the shrink level with a slider.
iii. Select your video from a gallery that makes it simple to find the right video.
iv. Compressed in the background so you can use your phone for other purposes.


i. There is no option to combine multiple videos into a single file.
ii. When you compress the size too much, the file quality suffers in some cases.

5. Video Dieter 2

It is very simple to decide how much to compress your video with Video Dieter. Keep in mind that any reduction in file size reduces quality, so you must strike the right balance. The software also simplifies video sharing.


i. You can easily remove parts of the video that you don’t want.
ii. The ability to transcode files quickly.
iii. Before compression begins, specify the desired resolution and quality.
iv. Video can be slowed down or time lapsed.


i. There are few options for changing filenames or customizing where files are saved.

6. Video Compressor

Video Compressor is one of the easiest ways to reduce the size of your video files before saving or sharing them. Even if you have no experience in compressing videos or converting them to other formats, you can use this program to do it.


i. Use the gallery to select the video you want to compress.
ii. Support for MP4, 3GP and AVI.
iii. Watch videos before sharing or saving them.


i. Some video formats are incompatible.
iii. You can compress your video to a much smaller size without sacrificing quality, whether you’re using a tablet or a smartphone.

That is it. You can easily compress video files on Android devices using one of these free apps. Give a few a try till you are sure which one works best for you.

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