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How to get Twitter Blue outside the US: A quick guide

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How to subscribe for and get Twitter Blue outside the US
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Since the introduction of twitter Blue, Twitter users have been wondering whether the subscription service is exclusive to the US alone and whether you can get Twitter Blue outside the US. Twitter Blue is a monthly premium subscription that offers you multiple exclusive features, that regular users do not have access to, for a fixed fee. For now, that fee is $7.99 per month. Subscribing to Twitter Blue gets you a blue checkmark added to your account and access to select new features, like Edit Tweet, Custom All Icons, Undo Tweet, Bookmark folders, Themes, Reader, and Custom navigation. 

Back to the question of whether you can get Twitter Blue outside the United States, the answer is both yes and no. You can get Twitter Blue outside the US, but it was initially an iOS-only feature that is exclusive to certain countries. It has since been extended to Android and Web platforms as well.

How to subscribe for and get Twitter Blue outside the US
You can get Twitter Blue outside the US, but not everywhere.

Countries Where Twitter Blue is available

If the country you currently reside in is not among the ones I am about to mention, then you can not access Twitter Blue, at least for now. The countries include the U.S., Canada, the UK, New Zealand, and Australia. February 2023 Update: The service is now also available in the following countries: France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Saudi Arabia, India, Indonesia, and Brazil.

How much does it cost in those countries? In Canada, the cost of subscription is $3.49 CAD, while in Australia, it costs $4.49 AUD. As time goes on, Twitter Blue will be available in more countries as this is just the first release and it was a rather quick one too.

Twitter Blue Features

Here are the features you stand to gain when you subscribe to and get Twitter Blue outside the US.

Undo Tweet

The Undo Tweet does exactly what the name insinuates. The feature is activated by default when you subscribe to Twitter Blue. You can personally turn it on or off from your Twitter Blue settings. While turned on, there is a Tweet Undo period every time you tweet, and this tweet is private till that period expires and you tap on “send now”. When it is turned off, your tweet is sent immediately, like a regular tweet.

How to get Twitter Blue outside the US

Bookmark Folders

Bookmark Folders assist you with the organization of your saved tweets. To create a Bookmarked Folder, you must bookmark a tweet with a Twitter Blue subscription. When you add a tweet to your bookmark, a notification with the option to ” Add to folder” will pop up. There is no limit to the number of bookmarks you can have with Twitter Blue.

Custom Navigation

This feature allows you to choose and save at least 2-6 items for your button navigation bar on your Twitter app. When the default items from the navigation bar are removed, you will find them listed in the Profile menu.

Twitter App Icon

The Twitter App Icon feature gives you the privilege of picking how you want your Twitter App icon to be displayed. There are lots of colors and seasonal options to pick from. Some of which are only available for a limited time.

Twitter App Theme

One of the coolest features you acquire when you get Twitter Blue outside the US is the Twitter App Theme. The feature allows you to customize the theme colors for your Twitter app.


“Labs” is an exclusive Twitter Blue feature that Twitter Blue users have early access to features that are being tested before they become available to other users. As time goes on, features will change. Some features may become available to all Twitter users while others become exclusive subscribers-only features. 

4000-Character Tweets

From February 2023, Twitter Blue users are no longer limited to 280 words but are now able to compose tweets of up to 4,000 characters. This extended character limit also applies to Twitter Blue outside the US.

How to sign up for or get Twitter Blue outside the US

Now if you are among any of the listed countries and you own an iPhone, Android, or use the Web version, signing up for Twitter Blue outside the US is no different from signing up for a subscription in the US. To get Twitter Blue outside the US, follow these steps:

• Open your Twitter app

• Head to your Profile menu (three bars)

• Tap on “Twitter Blue”

• Select the blue “Subscribe for $/year” button.

• Follow the rest of the in-app purchase instructions. 

And just like that, you now have access to Twitter Blue as a subscriber. It’s really that easy.

To check your Twitter subscription status:

• Head to your Profile menu, once again.

• Tap on “Twitter Blue”.

• There, you will see an Active status badge with a green check that confirms that you are subscribed to Twitter Blue.

To access feature settings gained from Twitter Blue:

• Head to your Profile menu, once again.

• Tap on “Twitter Blue.

• Your Twitter Blue subscription page displays with the Active badge in the top right. 

• Under Feature settings, select the feature you’d like to customize.

These are all the features you are guaranteed when you get Twitter Blue outside the US. With time, Twitter is only going to get better, as this is the first version of Twitter Blue. The subscription will also become available to more and more countries. When that will be is yet to be seen. Elon Musk has made his intentions to make the Twitter experience outstanding quite clear. With the addition of future features and the brainstorming of different monetization ideas, the future of Twitter seems bright. 

For more information about Twitter Blue, see the official Twitter help page.

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