Glance Plus brings the Always On feature to smartphones

The Always On feature on Samsung S7, S7 Edge, LG G5 and Samsung S8 allows your device to display information about the current time, date, battery level, weather, and notifications without unlocking the screen. this feature is particularly useful for people who cannot help but keep turning on their display constantly, perhaps looking for new notifications, which is a huge drain on their battery. However, not everyone that does this has the Always On feature on their smartphone. But if your phone has an AMOLED display, you can have this feature on your phone through an app called Glance Plus.

Glance Plus Always On app

Here’s how the app works. Glance Plus takes advantage of your phone’s proximity sensor to allow you to check the time, weather forecast, notifications and various useful information, all without unlocking your screen. this means it is a mix of Always On and Ambient Display. Once you install in the app, you get to customize every detail of the app, from the font of the display to the position of the information you want displayed, to the size and colour of the displayed text.

You can choose to make full use of the Always On function on Glance Plus only when your device is charging. When your device is not charging, you can view the date, time, and notifications by swiping your hand over the proximity sensor. Through the Settings menu, you can also decide whether to enable the function whenever you pull out the smartphone from your pocket, or as soon as the display is turned off.

If you have a device with an AMOLED screen, it is best to set the position of the displayed information to Random. This is to prevent a burn-in effect, which is a permanent “ghost image” caused by displaying static content too long.

Glance Plus is a good alternative to Always On for people who want to see information without unlocking their phones. However, this app does not completely replace the feature, unfortunately. Nevertheless, the app is satisfactory, and will improve with future updates.

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