Google Duo Introduces Captions For Voice And Video Calls

Google has launched captions for video and voice messages on Duo. This new feature would only work for recorded videos and voice messages and not live calls. These captions can be found at the bottom of the screen, slightly above the Call button.

Google announced this feature through its Twitter page, with a video showing users how the captions would work. These captions are expected to come in handy when users are trying to communicate in a noisy place and their audio may be a bit distorted.

Google Duo Logo

The feature is expected to roll out soon, and would be available on iOS and Android platforms. It is also imperative to note that this feature is different from the Live Captions feature that Google rolled out for Pixel phones, where there is a transcription for every spoken word.

With video calling platforms gaining more relevance with each passing day, it is great news for users to see these platforms get new features that make them more user friendly.

Google Duo group calls first set out with four participants on a session, before this number rose to eight and then twelve in March. Now, Duo can support 32 participants in a single group call session.



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