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Google Meet Gets AI Noise Cancellation Feature

ByAlfa Baye

Jun 10, 2020 ,

Google announced earlier in April that its video conferencing tool, Google Meet, will be seeing an in-app noise cancellation feature. This feature will get a live demo thanks to Serge Lachapelle who is the Product Management Director of G Suite.

This feature, also referred to as the “denoiser” feature uses machine learning to suppress background sounds which aren’t similar to speech during calls. Lachapelle also adds that this feature is particularly handy for blocking out disturbances from home appliances (like vacuum cleaners), pets or even children.

Google Meet Gets AI noise cancellation feature

This feature is still a work in progress, as it is not yet clear how the sound blocking will be able to separate different vocal ranges from non-human voices. This could mean that certain sounds like a violin played in the background would eventually get cancelled as the AI may detect it as “non-human”. Aside this feature, Google Meet will also get end to end encryption, protecting your calls and data from third party users.

The “denoising” is actually done on Google live servers during calls and sent back to users. This new feature is expected to go live on Google Meet’s Web client later this month, after which the Android and iOS apps will get this feature.



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