Will Pixel 7a be the end of overheating phones from Google?

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We already know the details and specs of the Pixel 7a. We already know what stands Pixel smartphones out: the clean user interface, great cameras, and speedy software updates. Sadly, we also already know the Archilles Heel of this brand. Google Pixel phones and overheating are bedmates.

I don’t understand it, but I am tired of Google Pixel smartphones for the simple reason that every single model ever released has been plagued by overheating issues. You can run a Web search for any Pixel phone and add the word “overheating” to the name, and you will find scores of reports and complaints. Here is a screenshot from Google’s own support pages:

Google Pixel 7 Pro overheating complaints
An example of a complaint about Pixel 7 Pro overheating [1]

Why does this overheating happen? I don’t know. But it can’t be the software; other brands use the same software without their phones heating up this way. It can’t be the chipsets; other brands use those too without their phones overheating the way Pixel phones do. Whatever the problem is, it is from Google. I have since concluded that Google sucks at making smartphones. Okay, that’s harsh; let me rephrase: Google sucks at optimising their smartphones.

But I am a sucker for stock Android software and timely software updates, and Google phones are pretty much the only option for this combination. And so I find myself drawn to the brand again and again.

Google Pixel 7a
Google Pixel 7a

What are the specs of Google Pixel 7a?

The Pixel 7a sports a 6.1-inch, 90Hz refresh rate, OLED display, Google Tensor G2 chipset, 8GB RAM, a 4500mAh battery, 20W fast charging, and wireless charging. The selfie camera has an 13MP shooter, while the rear camera has a 64MP main lens and a 13MP ultra wide lens.

Google Pixel 7a follows the established pattern of past budget Pixel phones, so there are no surprises. Which is why when I ask the question of whether the Pixel 7a will break away from the overheating that Pixel smartphones are notorious for, I am not hopeful. It sucks to be a skeptic, but I have been burnt enough times.

The Pixel 7a uses the same chipset that is in the 7 and 7 Pro. It uses the same software that those already use. And it is the same Google that is behind it. Unless Google optimises the Pixel 7a differently, we are going to end up with another Pixel phone that heats up and develops a mind of its own when you use the camera, turn on the hotspot, or use it mildly intensively in some other way. It is crazy, but it is what it is.

Yes, I have become a Pixel skeptic, and it is for good reason. I owned the Pixel 3 and it suffered from this same overheating issue. I gave the brand another try and got the Pixel 5a. Guess what – it suffered from the same thing. Despite my love and desire for the brand, I remain skeptic. Google will have to do better. Till then, I can only hope. And wait. Hopefully, not for eternity.

There are those who will buy a Pixel anyway, and that is okay. An affordable smartphone with great cameras is not something that you come by frequently; it is a unicorn, for the most part. It is a compelling offer, bugs be damned.

Google Pixel 7a Price and Availability

Pixel 7a buffet smartphone

The Pixel 7a will sell for about US $499 in the United States, the United Kingdom (UK), and European Union (EU) countries, among others. It will be available in three colors – Arctic Blue, Carbon, and Cotton – from June 2023.


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