Google Pixel Phones Receive December 2020 Update with New Features

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Google Pixel smartphones are currently receiving the December update with a glut of new features for users. This update also brings the latest Android security update and will be available for Pixel 3 phones and newer.

Google has announced that the update for Verizon phones will start rolling out this week. A number of features expected with this update include extreme battery saver and contextual translation, just to name a few.

Google Pixel 5 Release Date

This update also brings a feature dubbed the “Hold for Me” feature that makes use of Google Assistant when the phone user is put on hold. The Assistant waits on the line and lets you know when the other user on the phone is ready to talk. The ‘Extreme Battery Saver’ mode limits active apps, running just the essentials so your battery lasts as long as possible.

Another interesting feature this patch brings lets Pixel phones automatically adjust the speaker’s sound equalizer settings based on the environment. This feature is available on the Google Pixel 5 and 4a 5G.

Pixel phones have also received adaptive charging, helping them preserve battery life over time. This update also brings security fixes for framework, media framework, system and more.

As earlier stated, Verizon devices will get this update first, after which, it should get to a number of other carriers soon.



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