I pick up my phone, and the display wakes up by itself. I put it down, and the display sleeps. While the phone is there

Gravity Screen: Automate your Android smartphone display

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Gravity Screen

I pick up my phone, and the display wakes up by itself. I put it down, and the display sleeps. While the phone is there on the desk, a hear a notification. I just need to have a glimpse of what it is about, so I wave my hand over the phone, and the display lights up so I can do that without picking the phone up. This is not witchcraft. This is not a scene from Star Trek either. This is present-day technology.

Gravity Screen is an Android pp that uses the gravity sensor and other sensors on your phone to trigger off display actions. It is particularly useful if you have to pick up your phone often in the course of a busy day, or if you are using one of those monster phones and your power/lock button is difficult to reach. Running Gravity Screen on your Android smartphone liberates you from the usage of the power button.

The developer says that the app uses only 6% extra battery power, which sounds great. To keep the battery usage low the program turns on the proximity sensor only when it’s really necessary. Moreover, when it turns your screen off and the proximity sensor is covered it puts your phone into deep sleep state to save as much energy as possible. In my usage, I am yet to notice any significant battery drain.

The app lets you customize the sensitivity of the various sensors to tailor them to your needs. There is a free version which works well (that is the version that I am using), but also a paid version that unlocks more benefits to you (and I intend to upgrade to this soon). The app is available for smartphones running Android 2.2 Froyo and up.

Want to try out this cool stuff? Download Gravity Screen from Google Play!


  1. My Oga patapata, forget Gravity Screen. Na learner.

    They are a zillion apps that would do all you just mentioned and much much much more.

    Perhaps the most well known is Tasker. There are others like Automateit (which I once used), Automagic (which I currently use), Macrodroid and several others .

    I recommend Automagic (for its simplicity)

    See below triggers (like waving your hand) and actions (like the screen being lit up) that Automagic handles.
    -App Task Ended
    -App Task Started
    -Auto Sync State
    -Battery Level
    -Battery Low Condition
    -Bluetooth Device Connected
    -Bluetooth Device Disconnected
    -Bluetooth State
    -Car UI Mode
    -Desk UI Mode
    -Device Orientation
    -Display State
    -Dock Event
    -Gleeo Recording Started
    -Gleeo Recording Stopped
    -Global Variable
    -Google Calendar Event
    -Incoming Call
    -NFC Tag
    -Outgoing Call
    -Periodic Location Update
    -Periodic Timer
    -Power Connected
    -SMS Receive
    -Storage Media Event
    -WiFi Connected
    -WiFi Disconnected
    -WiFi Scan Results Available
    -Wired Headset Plugged
    -… more on http://automagic4android.com/
    Available Conditions:
    -Airplane Mode On
    -App Process Running
    -App Task Running
    -Auto Sync Enabled
    -Battery Level
    -Bluetooth Enabled
    -Call State
    -Confirmation Dialog
    -Debug Dialog
    -Device Orientation
    -Dock State
    -Flow Enabled
    -Gleeo is Recording
    -Google Calendar Event
    -Location Entering
    -Location Provider Enabled
    -Mobile Datanetwork Enabled*
    -Music Active
    -Night Mode
    -Power Connected
    -Screen On
    -Service Running
    -Time Range
    -UI Mode
    -WiFi Available
    -WiFi Connected
    -WiFi State
    -… more on http://automagic4android.com/
    Available Actions:
    -Copy File
    -Copy Text to Clipboard
    -Download URL
    -Dropbox Upload File
    -Enable WiFi Access Point
    -Execute Command
    -Execute Flows
    -FTP Upload File
    -Gleeo Filesystem Export
    -Gleeo Start Recording
    -Gleeo Stop Recording
    -HTTP Request
    -Init Variable Random Number
    -Init Variables Gleeo Recording
    -Input Dialog
    -Kill App
    -Launch App
    -Lock Device
    -Mail with Gmail
    -Map Values
    -Notification on Screen
    -Notification on Statusbar
    -Open URL in Browser
    -Scan Barcode
    -Send SMS
    -Set Airplane Mode
    -Set Audio Stream Volume
    -Set Auto Sync State
    -Set Bluetooth State
    -Set Car UI Mode
    -Set Flow State
    -Set Keyguard State*
    -Set Mobile Datanetwork State*
    -Set Night Mode
    -Set Ringer Mode
    -Set Screen Brightness
    -Set Screen Timeout
    -Set USB Tethering State*
    -Set Wallpaper
    -Set WiFi Sleep Policy
    -Set WiFi State
    -Set Wifi Tethering State*
    -Speech Output
    -Start Recording Audio
    -Stop Recording Audio
    -Turn Screen On
    -WiFi Scan
    -Write to File

    With Automation apps like these in existence, why anybody would spend time making a comparatively miniscule app like Gravity screen is a mystery.

    Automaton apps like automateit do the work of several apps combined, and anybody looking to evoke real productivity on their Android device should give those a whirl…

  2. EyeBeeKay,

    Nice one there. Nut I prefer Gravity Screen. It does only what I need it to do. What would I be doing with the huge complexity that Automagic offers? Perhaps when I need all those functions…

  3. Here are a few simple things Automagic does for me..

    It alerts me auditorily when my battery has charged fully

    If launches the fm Radio when a headset is plugged in

    It pops up the Keyboard Input menu when I incline the phone to the right horizintally

    It turns on /off the screen if I hold it facing down (power button on holiday) … gravity sensor

    It turns off the screen when placed face down on a table or in the pocket. …. Proximity sensor

    I shake the phone to turn on/off mobile data.

    Reminds me of several events at Specified date /time

    Switches off my phone when held upside down (requires root, power button on holidays )

    Turn on silent mode at specified days/time period.. Don’t disturb

    Beeps / vibrates when a call connects /discommects (saves me some radiation to my head)

    Turns on speaker mode if I hold the phone away from my head while a call is ongoing.

    etc, etc

    I want to believe there is a usefulness for everybody, with apps of this class, depending on your use case..

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