Facebook is set to launch a social network for professionals

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Seems like Facebook is trying to conquer every aspect of social networking, as reports show that the social network giant is currently working on a new website meant for professionals called Facebook at Work.

The new site will enable users keep their personal profile separate from their work related profile, and will also give users the ability to share documents amongst each other.

With the description of the website, it’s pretty clear Facebook is trying to establish a professional social network that will compete with likes LinkedIn and Google Docs.

In recent times, Facebook have been making attempts at establishing different social platforms. They once launched an app that would compete with Snapchat called Slingshot, and of recent launched another app called Rooms to compete with Reddit but none has been able to grab attention. Let’s see if this new attempt to compete with LinkedIn would.

The site is said to not be actually new as it has been in use by the Facebook staffs for quite a while.


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