When mobile phone innovation moved to China

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Back in the 90s, Europe led the mobile phone market, dictating trends all the way. Then the torch was picked up by the US when Apple and Google stepped in. In the last few years, it has been clear that the torch was moving again, this time to China.

The Chinese brands are pulling stunts. They are bringing high-end specs and performance to the masses. They are bringing quality hardware and software that people adopt by the bucketful. And they are making tons of money while at it. While the average Western mobile brands are struggling to post a profit, the Chinese brands are smiling to the bank. While there are those who argue that manufacturers cannot make a kill from budget smartphones, the Chinese continue to prove them wrong. They started years ago by lifting and copying. Now, they are matching and beating those they lifted from. This seems to be just the beginning. They are invading country after country, and region after region.

Think Lenovo, Huawei, ZTE, TCL, Xiaomi, and Yulong, among several smaller players. The first four on that list are in the global top 10 smartphone makers already.

If you want to understand the direction that the global smartphone market is heading, please turn to the east and gaze upon China. You see, the next wave of battle in smartphone will be won and lost at the bottom of the pyramid.


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