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Grow Your Business With Android Apps

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Three Ways You Can Run Your Business Entirely Through Your Phone
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When the topic of business apps arises, it is typically complex because there are many different factors to take into account. For instance, while some programs work well for large business teams, others are ideal for business professionals working alone or in much smaller numbers. Moreso, while some businesses are typically on the lookout for better app solutions, others typically opt to build these solutions themselves. It might thus be challenging to suggest the best apps that have the most to offer in terms of business support.

However, there are several excellent all-around choices, and we have created this guide to help you as a business owner identify them. In this guide, we’ve described the top Android business apps, and how these apps work to help your small or medium-sized enterprises benefit the most in terms of growth and structuring.

Here are some basic things you can do to Grow Your Small Business With Android Apps on your mobile phone.

How to Grow A Business With Android Apps

There are several aspects of a business that can get so much better if you use the right Android apps correctly. Some of these aspects include task delegation, team communication, payments, and financial transactions, among many others. 

Below, we have organized several Android app suggestions into categories. These apps have several features to help you introduce organization, structure, and measurable growth into your small business. So, you can think of incorporating them into your business to improve whatever aspect you need more efficiency in.

Best Android App for Task Organization

As a small business owner, you will benefit a lot from apps that help you manage task assignments and delegation properly. These apps will automate several processes and essentially help you keep track of everything you need to do to ensure productivity. Consider the app described below:


One of those business apps that is recommended for everyone to use is Asana. It is a task manager that enables you to delegate tasks to each member of your team. Subsections can be added as many times as necessary, tasks can be assigned directly, and comments and attachments can be added. 

Up to 15 users can use it for free with the basic capabilities, or you can get the full package for $9.99 per person every month. It is scalable and ought to work for the majority of small and medium-sized teams. Larger teams can also use it, but doing so could increase the cost.

Other great apps that offer great support for task delegation and organization include Trello and Google Calendar, among many others.

Best Android App for Team Communication

Being able to remain in constant communication, ask the right questions and get constructive feedback is also important for business teams. This is especially true if you have a team that works remotely from several different locations, so it becomes more important to take online communication very seriously. The best Android app to help you achieve this has been described below.


This is perhaps the best app of its kind in terms of communication, and it’s a chat application designed primarily for commercial use. It has several channels, conference calls, document sharing, a chatbot, and a clean, straightforward design. Asana, Giphy (because having fun is vital too), Google Drive, and a ton of other third-party apps and websites are also integrated. 

This app scales up beautifully. As a result, it benefits small, medium-sized, and even huge businesses. It’s also a fantastic choice if all you need is a chat service, rather than something more extensive like G Suite or Microsoft 365 Business.

Best Android App for Financial Transactions

Another important aspect of a business is being able to manage financial transactions easily and seamlessly. One of the best apps to help you achieve this has been described below.


One of the better business apps is PayPal, particularly for small and medium-sized enterprises. PayPal is used by many companies to handle transactions and invoices. It is also occasionally used to pay employees. 

Setting up a business account makes it easier to send and receive money. Several features, including the option to check your PayPal (and PayPal Credit) balance, are available on the mobile edition. There is even a specific PayPal app designed for business use which is called PayPal Business. 

Another option you should try in this regard is Square Point-Of-Sale. The app also enables you to send receipts, maintain inventory, offer discounts, give refunds, and view current sales information. It can accept American Express, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover, as payment methods.

Best Android App to Increase Brand Awareness and Visibility

We’re sure that the goal of every business owner is growth, and one of the best ways to ensure this is to increase visibility. 

Google My Business

Businesses can become more visible on Google Search and Google Maps by using Google My Business. This app has enormous business potential, and it’s important not to disregard it in these recent times. You can edit information about your company using the app, including your name, address, and operating hours. If necessary, you can even oversee many locations. 

For small enterprises, start-ups, and any company without a website yet, Google My Business has become too essential. Other aspects of business that can benefit from Android apps include:

● Virtual meetings and conferences: the best Android app in this regard is Zoom

● Business data security: the best Android apps in this regard are authenticator apps such as the one Google provides.

In summary, you can get the best out of your business in terms of how it operates, how the team communicates, and other essential elements of keeping a business running. You just need to install a few Android apps that will introduce ease and structure into these processes and give your small business a better chance of success.

So, make sure to take a cue from all the Android app suggestions we’ve provided in this article. Also, make sure to share or recommend this article so others can benefit from it.

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