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Mobility Arena is open to guest posts. We appreciate your interest in posting here on our blog. At the moment, we only accept articles that focus on solving one or more problems for users of feature phones, smartphones, mifi and other mobile gadgets. If you are able to come up with such articles, you are welcome to submit a guest post.

Please adhere to the followings term and conditions that govern guest posts on this blog:

  1. Your post must be original original content – not lifted or copied from elsewhere, and exclusive to i.e. not submitted or published on any other websites now or later.
  2. Our focus is consumers, so highly technical posts are not encouraged. Your language must be simple and easy for lay people to understand. Use humour, if possible: Our readers will love you!
  3. The average length of your guest post should be of 500 to 2500 words
  4. You must include at least one image. The maximum number of images is eight (8). Each image must be 600 pixels by 350 pixels and be not heavier than 50 kb. We accept only copyright-free images please.
  5. The guest post must include at least one link to a relevant, existing article on
  6. Our readers love some excitement, but abhor outright sensationalism. The title of your guest post should be captivating but not misleading. No link baiting, please.
  7. Guest posts must not contain promotional content, affiliate links, promotional/marketing links or any form of paid or sponsored promotion. If what you want to publish is promotional content, sponsor a post. You may however include links to works of reference elsewhere.
  8. Videos and audios are to be uploaded to 3rd party platforms e.g. YouTube, Dropbox, etc. and embedded in your post. This is to keep the load on our servers down.

We reserve the right to edit posts before they are published. We reserve the right to reject posts that we deem unsuitable for publication on Mobility Arena.

Lastly, if you guest post here, it is a good idea to hang around to respond to comments posted by readers. The benefits to you are rich.

Submit Your Guest Post

Here are the steps to follow to submit your guest post:

  1. register
  2. add a new post
  3. type in and format your article, as well as upload your images
  4. When done and your article is ready for one of our editors to review, save it as “Pending Review”.

Important!: If a guest article that you submit does not meet our guidelines, we will change its status from “Pending Review” to “Draft”, with a note for you detailing what needs to be addressed, so you can fix it. When you are done fixing the issues, save the article as “Pending review” once again.


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