How to Boost your Social Media Pages: 30 useful tops

There are millions of users on social networks today. Someone created a page for their own entertainment, but for someone, it is a full-time job and an opportunity to facilitate their business. Gone are the days when it was enough to post a simple photo and add one hashtag to get dozens of likes from strangers.

To advertise your page in today’s realities, you need to make a lot of effort. Without constant promotion, new people will not subscribe to you and the activity on the page will tend to zero. In this article, we will talk about what means are suitable for promotion in 2023.

How to promote your account

There are many tricks to help you promote your Instagram page. We will not dwell on quality content – this should be taken for a long time as an axiom. But unfortunately, just gorgeous pictures with picturesque scenes and perfect dishes are not enough.

30 tips on how to boost your social media pages

If you dream of becoming an influencer, then the tips below are a must-have.

  1. Develop a strategy at the very beginning. You must understand what to write about. Make a plan and a list of topics. It’s best to choose multiple categories and rotate them so that users don’t get tired of seeing the same content. Experiment to find a suitable time interval between posts. For some accounts, a schedule of 1-2 posts daily is suitable, others publish something only once a day. If you don’t have much news, you can write 3 times a week. This is suitable for serious businesses (leasing, finance, banks), where the range of services is not so diverse.
  2. Don’t forget hashtags. This is a great free way to reach your target audience. Mix high-frequency, mid-frequency and low-frequency tags. This way you can increase your reach. The beauty of these things is that they continue to promote you for a long time. But do not forget that your posts must be relevant. The best free hashtag generator for Instagram is Inflact. Download it to your mobile device from Play Market. 
  3. Add hashtags in comments and in the head of the profile. You can create your own so-called branded labels to help your readers navigate through your blog. You can also use Inflact to find tags by video, photo, or key phrase.
  4. Try to understand when your followers visit the social network and choose the best time to post. The biggest mistake is writing when it suits you. Ideally, use the delayed posting method. You can prepare content in advance and then publish it at the right time through Facebook Business Suite. So you definitely will not get out of the schedule, even on vacation.
  5. Use automated bots for mass liking. By interacting with other people’s content, you attract attention to yourself. Each user receives a notification when someone likes their comment or photo. If you are active, you will be interested. Every 100 likes give +5-10 new subscribers. In order not to do everything manually, try the Inflact service for free.
  6. Mass following. An effective way to get new followers is to follow people with similar interests. This increases the chance that people will subscribe in response. The easiest way to find a lookalike audience is to look at the followers of your closest competitors. Thanks to artificial intelligence, it is not necessary to do everything manually. The bot will do it itself while you are doing other things
  7. If you write interesting detailed comments under posts and people, you can attract additional attention to your profile. If you comment on posts of opinion leaders or popular publications, remember that you need to write something really meaningful. This way you can attract additional subscribers.
  8. Do not ignore your audience, always support feedback. Encourage activity, ask questions and seek advice. This will help build communication with readers and increase their trust and engagement.
  9. Don’t forget about Stories on Instagram. This content format that lives only 24 hours is very popular, you don’t have to worry too much about the design. The main thing is to keep it alive. Stories always attract attention. If you post several Stories during the day, you get to first place in the feed.
  10. Post captivating and satisfying videos. According to recent research, the human brain responds more to videos than to textual content. Therefore, a sticky video is more likely to go viral. It is not necessary to hire an expensive operator to shoot a super high-quality tape. Modern smartphones allow you to do this, and you can shoot a 15-second video yourself.
  11. Use geolocation to engage local users near you. Try to always mark the place where a particular picture was taken. Geotags are another source of finding like-minded people and people who are close to you.
  12. Create collaborations and attract other accounts to cooperate. Of course, your competitors are unlikely to agree to advertise you. But mutual PR still works. It is very important to find several accounts with your target audience and offer mutual advertising. For example, if you are a holiday photographer, you can contact a wedding or event agency.
  13. Find your color scheme. You may need to use presets or learn basic photo editing techniques. Choose a consistent style. Follow trends but don’t go to extremes. Minimalism is always better than color-heavy shots.
  14. Encourage the activity of the audience. Motivate them to take action, for example, you can ask people to like your photo if they agree with your opinion or ask to tag a friend who has similar problems.
  15. Don’t post too infrequently. Today, tens of thousands of posts are created every second. If you write something once a week, even your loyal subscribers themselves will lose you in their feed.
  16. Sign photos, pay attention to text content. Although Instagram originally existed to share beautiful pictures, today users are paying more and more attention to the description. If you’ve published a product, feel free to post as many features as you can and don’t forget about the price. Check the text before publishing it should be free of errors.
  17. Run various contests to increase user engagement and increase traffic. The easiest way is a raffle or a gift. To participate in the contest, users must leave a comment or share your post. There are many online mechanisms that facilitate the automatic selection of the winner and the holding of the contest.
  18. Use other social networks. Don’t hesitate to invite your Facebook friends. For this, Instagram even has a special option in the settings. Similar actions can be carried out with Twitter and other social networks. Be sure to include a link to your Instagram.
  19. Find people who are interested in a particular topic using a hashtag. For example, if your blog is about sports, look for people by hashtag #homeworkout, #workout, #fitness, etc.
  20. Don’t relax on weekends. Sundays are usually the least published. However, not all people ignore social networks on the weekend. If you post on Saturday or Sunday, chances are your competitors aren’t doing it and more users will see your content.
  21. Tag your friends in the photos and mention them in the posts under the comment, so your subscribers are guaranteed not to miss this post Or maybe even share them on their page
  22.  Another way to bring your page to the top is to mark well-known brands. For example, if you visit a café for some event or take a picture next to a store, you can mark this brand in the photo. This method works well for lifestyle bloggers.
  23. Take creative selfies in unusual places. Photos of this kind show that there is a real person behind the blog. People like to watch other people’s lives. If appropriate, show a photo of your family. Demonstrate footage from the workplace or the production process of your product. If your employees don’t mind, post a photo of everyone involved in the process of creating what you’re selling.
  24. Create a personal brand. Advertise your nickname wherever you can. Make a branded notepad, cell phone case, or branded car sticker. If you are selling some items, put this information on the packaging or make small business cards that you can include with each order.
  25. Link your social networks to your smartphone phone book. This way you can get more followers by automatically adding everyone to your contact list as a friend.
  26. Know your target audience and what they care about. Help users solve their problems, motivate and inspire them. share not only success stories but also your failures. This will help people see that you are just like them.
  27. Engage bloggers to promote your account. Today you can find influencers in almost every field. There are even dedicated sites for working with bloggers where their rates and results are posted. If you don’t know where to start read their ratings and try to work with someone.
  28. Find your unique style. Look for ideas on Pinterest. Use one or more filters to get inspired by other people’s visual content. Try to make a single feed and see how the photos look next to each other.
  29. Create your own content. Today, users distinguish well between the author’s text and photos from endless distortions. It is better to publish your personal photo, even if not of the best quality than a glossy picture that 1000 eyes have already seen.
  30. And most importantly, spend more time on the social network, leave comments, do likes.

Promotion on Instagram and other social platforms is not an easy task. Don’t compare yourself to those with millions of followers. First, they did not start their journey yesterday. Secondly, behind every successful account, there is a whole team and a considerable advertising budget.

Many argue that today it is impossible to promote a page without money. But it’s not. Indeed, free promotion methods give results slowly. But they work. So don’t give up and may the likes be with you.

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