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How To Clone An Android Phone

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One of the urgent tasks you may want to complete when switching to a new phone is to copy all of the crucial information. Some of such relevant data include photos, contacts, apps, documents, etc., that you’ll need to move from the old phone to the new one. To clone an Android phone, you copying everything from it to another.

Even though Android smartphones make it easy to access the SD card on your device, it still seems challenging to transfer all the contents from an old Android phone to a new one. In this guide, we’ll show you the easiest ways to clone an Android phone, for whatever purpose you might need it. Keep reading and make sure to note the instructions carefully so you can do it right.

Clone An Android Phone

Clone An Android Phone Using An App

Try this option if you’re seeking for a quick and simple way to clone an Android phone. We’ve introduced two outstanding Android phone clone apps in this section. They can both easily copy an Android phone with no fear of data loss. Continue reading to determine which is best for you.

Clone An Android Phone With PhoneTrans

PhoneTrans is a reputable phone switcher that is dedicated to making swapping phones simple and quick. Therefore, your best option for cloning Android may be PhoneTrans. 

One of its key advantages, in addition to 1:1 cloning an Android phone, is the ability to merge phones, which ensures that no data is duplicated, lost, or damaged throughout the process. It can be considered to be one of the best phone clone programs, and it offers capabilities for phone cloning from Android to iPhone, iPhone to iPhone, etc. in addition to Android to Android.

Follow these instructions to clone an Adroid phone with the PhoneTrans app:

  • Run PhoneTrans on your PC after downloading it. You must simultaneously use USB to connect your Android phones to the computer. 
  • On the left side of this screen, select Phone to Phone. Choose Phone Clone from the right side, then touch Start Clone to continue. 
  • Follow the directions displayed on the screen. You can see the data you can copy to your Android device on the screen that follows. The phone will immediately begin to be copied if you tap the Clone Now button. 
  • You should be aware that once the cloning process begins, the target Android phone will be deleted. Here, we advise you to first make a backup of the target Android phone using Phone Backup.

You will see a “Cloned Successfully” message a little while afterwards. This means you’ve successfully used PhoneTrans to clone the Android device.

Clone An Android Phone With AnyDroid

This is another app you can use to clone an Android phone. Below, we’ve described how the cloning process with this app works:

  • Install AnyDroid on your Mac or PC by downloading it. Using a USB cable or Wi-Fi, connect your Android device to the computer. Go to the Android Mover tab. Decide on Android to Android. 
  • The categories you want to copy to your new Android phone should be checked. For the transfer to start, click the Next button. 

Note that the files for any images, messages, books, music, movies, call logs, or calendar events on your new Android phone will be overwritten and replaced by the data from your old device during the cloning process. 

As such, you should select Content to Device mode if you don’t want to lose any data when transferring. The current data on your new Android phone will continue to exist in this fashion.

You Can Also Clone An Android Phone with Google Drive

Google Drive is another method for cloning an Android device. One of the popular ways to back up and restore data on Android devices is Google Drive. You can use it to switch Android phones easily and the data gets transferred via wireless technology. 

However, the amount of free storage is constrained. To create an Android clone, you will need to pay for a larger storage plan if your data is more than 15GB. Check your storage and follow the instructions below to clone an Android phone.

  • On your old Android phone, go to Settings. To backup and reset, select. On my data backup, click. You will need to sign in with the same account on a new Android phone to migrate data, so keep track of the account from which you are taking the backup. 
  • Open your new Android phone and continue the setup after the backup process is finished. 
  • Use your old Android phone to log into the same Google account. The data you have previously backed up will then sync to the account.
  • Select the most recent backup. Choose the information you want to transfer to the new device. To copy the files to the new Android phone, select the Restore option.

You’re all done. It’s this easy to clone an Android phone using Google Drive.

In summary, cloning an Android device is prettt easy as long as you’re following the right instructions. Take note of the ones we’ve provided for you in this guide to get started on cloning your Android device.

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