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How to Disable Ads in Mobile Games

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No one likes ad interruptions, but in today’s mobile gaming world, they’re a necessary evil. Ads help developers to offer their apps for free (or at least for a limited time) while still earning money for their efforts. You’re probably used to seeing ads because the vast majority of free Android and iPhone games and apps include them.

Most in-game advertisements aren’t malicious, but they still disrupt gameplay and take up screen space. So, in this guide, we’ll show you how to use simple tricks to disable ads in  mobile games. Continue reading to discover the best solutions for you.

How to Disable Ads in Mobile Games

How Do I Disable Ads in a Mobile Game? 

There may not be much you can do to completely avoid ads in your preferred offline games, but there are certainly ways to disable ads in mobile games. This article provides recommendations below that apply to any Android smartphone or iPhone device.

How to Disable Ads in Android Games

You can disable ads in mobile games on an Android phone through numerous ways. Consider the following:

● Turn on airplane mode: The advertisements are not built into the app. They are downloaded from external servers by your game. So turning on airplane mode disables all internet connections and prevents the game from downloading advertisements. 

Disabling ads in mobile games can be this simple, but note that this method only works for some games because most of them require a constant internet connection to work.

● Use a VPN service: A VPN service reroutes your traffic and convinces a server that you are in another country. So if you choose a country where advertisers are less likely to target you, you can successfully disable ads in mobile games. 

Check what languages your game supports and select a country from the VPN service’s list that does not speak either of them. You may be able to bypass advertisements easily this way.

● Use a private DNS: This solution also works to disable ads in mobile games. First, find a reputable ad-blocking DNS server that you can rely on to intercept and filter your traffic. Then, in the Settings menu, choose Network & Internet or Wireless & Networks. Scroll down and tapPrivate DNS, then enter the DNS of your choice in the field Configure Private DNS.

● If offered, pay for a game or an ad-free subscription:This is the simplest and most legal method to disable ads in mobile games, but most games tend to overlook it. Even monthly payments to disable ads in mobile games do not appear to cover the revenue generated by showing said ads.

How to Disable Ads in Mobile Games on iPhones or iPads

Since iOS does not give its users the same level of freedom as Android, our recommendations for disabling ads in mobile games are significantly less for iPhone and iPad devices. 

However, there are a few options that you can try.

● Switch off mobile data and WiFi.: This method of disabling ads in mobile games operates on the same principle as Android. In essence, no internet  means no ads on your screen. 

To begin, launch your favorite game and allow it to collect all updates. When it’s finished, go to your Control Centerand turn off Wi-Fi and mobile data. Turn off the game, wait a few seconds, and then relaunch it.

● Disable internet access for a specific game: This method of disabling ads in mobile games allows you to stay online while preventing the game from connecting to the internet. 

First, disable Wi-Fi. Now, navigate to Settings > Mobile Data. Scroll down and find a game or an app, and switch off the toggle next to it. Since this method only works with mobile data, you’ll need to disable Wi-Fi.

● In-app purchase to remove ads: Many games allow you to pay a few dollars to remove ads permanently. It’s worth the small fee to remove annoying ads from games you play frequently. 

The cost of disabling ads in mobile games will seem even more reasonable when you consider the time you probably waste watching 15-second video ads and how you could use that time more effectively.

How to Disable Ads in Mobile Games Using Third-Party Ad Blockers

AdLock is a system-wide solution that can prevent annoying advertisements not only on web pages but also in apps and games. 

All you’d have to do is install AdLock on your Android or iOS device, turn it on, and go through a two-step setup process. AdLock will then remove ads from mobile games and applications.

Here’s how to set up AdLock for iPhone or iPad:

● Navigate to Settings, then Safari.

● Click Extensions and enable all AdLock toggles.

● To enable ad-blocking, launch AdLock and toggle the Ad-free web browsing toggle. Wait a few minutes for AdLock to finish downloading all necessary filters.

● Select a plan by tapping the Premium toggle. You’ll get a 7-day trial

To set up AdLock for Android phones:

● Open AdLock, click the hamburger menu, then select Settings.

● In the next window, tap Check for Updates and then UPDATE.

● Tap a hamburger menu, then select Buy now and your plan.

In conclusion, in-game ads can be quite annoying; however, using the tips provided above, it is possible to effectively disable ads in mobile games.  

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