How To Download iOS 16 To Your iPhone

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Apple has just released the latest version of its iOS software, and here’s how you can install it on your iPhone. As most smartphone brands do, Apple has just recently rolled out a new iOS update, the iOS 16. New software is usually rolled out yearly. This software drop has followed months of beta testing and is now available for download. 

How to Download iOS 16 To Your iPhone

What iPhone models can the iOS 16 run on?

Most iPhone models can run the iOS 16 update. But Apple has discontinued support for the first iPhone SE model, iPhone 6s, and iPhone 7, following the release of iOS 16. It is also worth noting that the iPhone 14 series come with the iOS 16 preinstalled. So you do not have to go through the little trouble of updating your iPhone. That being said, the iOS 16 will run on the iPhone 8 through the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

How to download and install iOS 16

To update your iPhone to iOS 16, go to your settings, tap “General”, and then select “Software Update”. If “Automatic Updates” is enabled on your iPhone, it will, by itself, start to scan for possible new updates. You will then see the iOS 16 update available for download as an option.

Tap on the option, you will see some “terms and conditions” to download, and agree to them. The update will be requested and then eventually downloaded.

During the early stages of the release, most users will find that it takes quite a while to update. This is because of the amount of people looking to download the update. If you choose to download it a couple of days or weeks after the update release, It might not take as long, it will then depend on the speed of your Wi-Fi or data network. It is preferable and advisable to use Wi-Fi rather than your regular data network when you’re updating to iOS 16.

When the download is complete, you will see the “Install Now” option. The file will be scammed to see if there are no complications and it will be installed. When the process is done, your iPhone will restart and you will then be able to try out the new features of iOS 16.

Should you wait to download iOS 16?

If you are not using one of the more recent iPhone models, it would be wise to hold back on updating so fast. Wait to hear feedback from other users using your iPhone models. As is common with every smartphone brand software, software updates provide new features and improve performance, but they could present different problems. Updates demand more from the iPhone hardware, so it would serve you well to wait for feedback. It is hard to downgrade to an older iOS version once you have installed it. 

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