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How to Fix Android Phones That Won’t Charge

Avatar of Joan Agie By Joan Agie Sep13,2022
TECNO Camon 19 Pro charging port
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Our daily activities now routinely include our cell phones. Our smartphones serve a variety of functions for us and are an essential part of who we are, from helping with to-do lists to staying in touch with loved ones through social media and messaging applications to all types of virtual audio-visual entertainment. 

Considering how important our smartphones are, it’s important to charge them frequently to prevent their batteries from draining and to get the most out of them. However, what happens when you plug your charger into your phone’s charging port but it doesn’t charge? 

TECNO Camon 19 Pro charging port

This seems scary, we know. But before you start to worry, you should first try the following fixes to get your smartphone charging fine again.

Use a Different Power Source

Your phone may be having a hard time charging not because of the phone or the charger, but rather the socket it is plugged into. As such, you should try plugging your charger into a different outlet. 

You can switch to charging directly from the wall if you were previously using an extension box. Change to another wall socket if charging there. You could also try charging straight from a wall adapter if you were previously using a USB port on your computer to charge. 

Once your phone starts to charge after changing the power source, it means you’ve identified the issue. To fix the broken wall adapter, simply purchase a new extension box or call an electrician.

Use a Different Charging Cable

Another of the most frequent reasons why your phone isn’t charging when plugged in is faulty charging wires. Since some of us are unable to function without carrying our chargers with us wherever we go, charging cables frequently undergo repeated wrapping, unwrapping, and twisting. 

These actions tend to cause harm to the charging cord and compromise its ability to work effectively. If your phone charges after switching to a different charging cord, it means that your charging cable was defective.

Examine the Charger Adapter

If you’ve tried a different charging cable and the phone still doesn’t charge despite making sure that the cable is in perfect working order, it’s time to look at the charger adapter. 

Take the charging cord off, then inspect the connected port to see whether it smells burned. Look out for signs such as the bridging port appearing rusted, or whether the charging wire jiggles or doesn’t connect properly when plugged in. In any or both cases, then the charging adapter needs to be changed. 

Avoid using just any charger adapter or charging cable to charge your phone as each phone has a different voltage requirement that must be met to charge it properly. Make sure you purchase a replacement charging cable from a reputable retailer that sells authentic products.

Switch your Device Off

Sometimes, even when your charger and wall adapter are functioning properly, your phone’s software fails to recognize that it is charging, which prevents the battery status meter from changing. Your phone should be turned off to fix this. 

Another option you have is to hard reset your phone by simultaneously tapping the volume and power buttons. Try charging it next; if it works, then you’ll know you’ve fixed the problem successfully.

Examine the Charging Port

Many people are guilty of frequently carrying their smartphones around without a bag to cover the charging port while in their pockets or other locations. The charging port might become clogged with dirt and debris this way, which prevents the charger from fully coupling with the phone. 

To check if this is the issue if your phone isn’t charging, look inside the charging port using a source of light. Get a soft toothbrush, and clean the phone charging port with it if you notice any apparent dirt or debris. A cue point can also help you do this easily.

Do not use objects like paper clips or toothpicks. Your charging port will easily get damaged by a toothpick being stuck inside of it. Also, because paper clips are made of metal, they can carry electricity. Additionally, they have a sharp edge and may cut you. After clearing away the dirt and debris, try charging; if it works, you’ve successfully found the right fix!

In summary, it can be quite distressing to realize that your phone is not charging despite being plugged in. However, the fixes we’ve suggested in this guide should help you identify the issue and fix it easily. If none of the fixes we’ve discussed work for you, consider taking your phone to a trusted repair professional for a more expert check-up.

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