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Top 8 Free Educational Games for Children on Android

Avatar of Moses Udah By Moses Udah Sep12,2022
best educational games for children on Android OS
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Children are starting to relate to smartphones at a very young age. This is understandable given that they were born at the pinnacle of the digital age and technological advancement. Some parents are still completely baffled by how well their children handle android phones at such a young age. However, almost everyone agrees that, beyond being a device used as a gamepad by their children, Android smartphones or tablets can be an important tool for their learning.

If you are a parent who is concerned about your child’s education while also wanting to provide them with some entertainment, this article is for you. We have compiled a list of top free educational games for children downloadable on Android phones and tablets. These free apps are listed below.

best educational games for children on Android OS

The Best Free Educational Games for Children on Android

1. Lola’s Alphabet Train

A very interactive and educational game that takes children on a journey on Lola’s train, where they will encounter various letters of the alphabet and even some words or sounds, depending on the level for which it is customized.

The dynamic is presented through mini-games that allow children to learn the alphabet while being entertained by Lola, a very tender and smiling Panda bear. The best part is that the alphabet is available in 12 different languages, making it useful for teaching your child a second language.

2. Math Games: Zeus

Next on our list of the best educational games for children on Android is this interesting adventure-based math game. Because the main story is based on a journey through Greek mythology, this game perfectly combines adventure and learning.

In this adventure, children will use mathematics as their sole and primary weapon to defeat various villains throughout the game. As a result, throughout the game, a series of problems and mathematical operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division must be solved to progress through the levels and face the 10 bosses at the end of each level.

3. Astro Cat – The Solar System

Children can take a fantastic journey through the solar system in the company of Astro Cat in this incredible game, and while the game unfolds in this space trip, children can learn facts and curiosities about the planets of our solar system.

In addition to teaching them names and locations in our solar system. It’s an interactive game that’s both entertaining and educative to the kids. The app is currently available through Amazon for €3.99.

4. Leo with Grin: Learn to read

Teaching your child to read with this app will be a fun and educational way to introduce him to the world of books. And Leo with Grin qualifies as one of the best educational games for children on Android.

This app introduces lessons through educational games that train children in association, reading comprehension, and writing skills. It was created to speed up and facilitate the reading learning process in younger children. To progress through all levels, you must complete each mini-game.

5. Peppa Pig: Paintbox

This game is intended for younger children because it was designed to provide a space for children to develop their main motor skills while creating their first drawings.

This game’s interface is straightforward. It includes a palette with brushes and various colors to allow children to express their creativity. Peppa Pig: Paintbox has been removed from the Google Play Store, but it is still available for free from the Amazon App Store.

6. Animal Jam

It is a simple game in which participants can learn interesting facts about various animals by solving small puzzles or going on adventures with the fun mini-games.

The best part is that the player can customize an animal to be the character that emerges throughout the adventure.

7. Play Lab: Elements

This game is ideal for children who enjoy science and aspire to work in a laboratory. In this game, children will be able to play with periodic table elements, combine them, and conduct experiments while learning about their properties, uses, and chemical symbols.

These are some of the most educational and appealing games available in the Play Store. The game mode is selected based on your choice of interest and areas in which you want your child to focus his attention so that he can continue learning while having fun.

8. LightBot

Last and definitely not the least on our list of the top educational games for children on Android is LightBot. What sets it apart? Since a few years ago, programming has been very successful, and it has been considered an educational tool that should not be limited to a specific career or a high level of education but should include one or more subjects in the educational curriculum.

Lightbot provides us with a space where children under the age of 12 can learn to program in a very intuitive and interactive way, developing logic through various puzzles. It is an awesome game to introduce your child to, to prepare them for a glorious future in app or software development.

These are the best free educational games for children on Android OS. You should have a look and see which of them your child falls in love with.

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