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How to Fix Chrome Sound Not Working on Windows

Avatar of Joan Agie By Joan Agie Dec22,2022
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Not many situations can be as frustrating as sound not working while browsing the internet. This is a problem that many people encounter, so chances are you’ve experienced it yourself at some point. Fortunately, most of the time it’s not a serious issue, and you’ll be able to fix it in a few simple steps.

In this guide, we’ve described several ways to fix Chrome sound not working on Windows. So, if you run into this issue frequently, you’ll find this guide helpful.

You can take the following actions to confirm and fix Chrome sound not working on Windows:

How Can I Fix Chrome Sound Not Working on Windows?

There are many reasons why Chrome’s sound might not work, including outdated sound drivers, problems with extensions, broken audio hardware, muted websites, browser sound settings that are disabled, browser sounds muted in Windows volume mixer, and a buildup of cache and cookies.

If you’re trying to fix Chrome sounds not working on Windows, below are some fixes you should try.

Check your Audio Hardware

If you can’t hear sounds while browsing Chrome on Windows, the issue might not be with your browser, but with your audio gear. So, one way to fix Chrome sounds not working on Windows is to verify that your audio hardware is operating properly. 

First check to verify if your audio hardware functions on a different device, such as your smartphone. You’ll know that it’s a browser-specific issue if the audio functions on your device and in other browsers but not Chrome. You can apply the other fixes in that case, but first:

● Restart Chrome

● Restart your computer to rule out the possibility of a temporary glitch

Check If Sounds Work on Other Websites

Another thing to try is to play sound on websites other than the one where it currently doesn’t work.  You can then unmute that page or tab to fix Chrome sound not working on Windows after you confirm that the issue is with just one particular website. Here’s how to go about it:

● Open the webpage where the sound doesn’t work in another tab.

● Do a right-click on the tab.

● From the list, select Unmute Site

If this doesn’t work and the issue persists across Chrome, proceed to the next method to fix Chrome sound not working on Windows.

Check the Sound Settings on Chrome

Another thing to consider is that you may have removed the setting that allows websites to play sound if the problem is present across all Chrome installations. You can take the following actions to confirm and fix Chrome sound not working on Windows:

● Tap the three vertical dots in the top-right corner of the Chrome browser.

● Access Settings.

● Go to the left sidebar’s Privacy and security section.

● Click Site Settings in the right-hand corner of the screen

● Select Additional content settings after you scroll down.

● Navigate to Sound settings.

● Choose the “Sites can play sound” option in place of the “Don’t allow sites to play sound” option.

Additionally, it’s possible to silence a few websites in Chrome by adding them to the list of websites that are not allowed to play sound in the option for customized behaviors. This means you should check to see if you have blocked any websites, thus making them unable to play sound.

If you’ve not excluded any websites and no sound settings are turned off, then the next fix to try is to make sure Chrome’s volume mixer isn’t set to zero for the sound.

Examine the Sound Settings in the Volume Mixer

It’s possible to silence your system, speakers, or the sound coming from specific browsers using a volume mixer. To make sure Chrome isn’t silenced in Volume Mixer and thus fix Chrome sound not working on Windows, follow these steps:

● Turn on the sound and play a media file in Chrome.

● Click the right mouse button once you have located the speaker icon.

● Toggle the Open Volume Mixer option.

● Unmute Chrome if it is already muted, then increase the volume to 100.

You should attempt a few more system-level remedies to fix Chrome sound not working on WIndows. Try using the sound troubleshooter or updating the sound driver if your inspection shows that the volume wasn’t disabled in the Volume Mixer.

Use the Sound Troubleshooter

Built-in troubleshooters in Microsoft Windows are capable of automatically diagnosing and resolving the majority of system problems. Sound-related problems can also be fixed in a similar way. As such, you should run it to make sure your Chrome browser isn’t being muted by a short-term system issue.

Follow these steps to launch the Sound troubleshooter in order to fix Chrome sound not working on Windows:

● To access the Settings app, press Win + I.

● Navigate to System Settings

● Click Sound in the left sidebar

● The troubleshoot button is located in the right-hand pane, click on it.

When you do this, the Get Help box will show up and ask whether you’d want to let the computer perform a brief scan. Select Yes to authorize the scan, if there’s a beep, it confirms that the issue is not a system-related one.

Update Sound Drivers

Lastly, it may also be beneficial to update sound drivers to fix Chrome sound not working on Windows.

In summary, ensure to follow the instructions in this guide carefully. These options we’ve recommended to fix Chrome sound not working on Windows work, especially if you target the exact cause of the problem.

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