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How To Make Your Android Phone Run Faster

How To Make Your Android Phone Run Faster And Perform Better
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If you have been looking for how to make your Android phone run faster and smoother than it has been, or you are having problems with your device lagging, you are not alone. Many other users of Android cell phones (especially the entry-level and budget models) experience the same and are looking for solutions for a more enjoyable experience.

Most Android cell phones are entry-level and budget smartphones. Whether it is a Samsung, Motorola, Nokia, TCL, Alcatel, or more budget Android phones exist than premium models. There is a good reason for that. Android OS is the mobile operating system that democratized smartphone ownership. Thanks to Android being available at every price point – from cheap to premium flagship, billions of people around the world can afford a smartphone.

How To Make Your Android Phone Run Faster And Perform Better
There are a few things you can do to make your Android phone run faster

The snag there is that owners of cheaper Android smartphones often have less than ideal experiences with those phones, because they are equipped with basic processors and limited system resources – limited memory, storage, battery, etc. Cheap and affordable Android phones equipped with entry-level processors, RAM, and storage tend to run slow and even often stutter and freeze or hang when in use. They are like small city cars; do not expect the performance of a Benz or BMW or Ferarri from them.

But there are a few things you can do to make your Android phone run faster and perform better, and we spell them out below.

How to make your Android phone run faster by deleting unused apps

Any smartphone user would love to have all their desired apps installed. This might lead to large amounts of apps piling up on the device, over time. It is important to form a habit of uninstalling unused apps and games. Having lots of these apps will hinder and slow down the performance of your Android cell phone. 

This happens especially when you have some of them running in the background. They also become so many and have so much data on each one of them, that there is barely any assigned memory left for your device to run as smoothly as you may have liked.

How to make your Android phone run faster by clearing the app cache

Cleaning the cache of the app on your Android cell phone is important in terms of sending up your phone. Clearing the cache of an app can make that particular app run faster and smoother than it did before, and reduce possible lag. Clearing cache is also very important for entry-level devices too to help them improve their performance. As they are not as powerful as high-end devices. You can clear the cache of any app by long-pressing the app icon, selecting App info, and then Storage. There will be an option to Clear the cache. Select that and you’re good to go.

How to make your Android phone run faster by installing Software Updates

It is important to keep your Android smartphone up to date. This is because, with every new update, there might be security enhancements (which are crucial) but there might also be performance improvements added to the update that can make your overall experience, and device speed, better.

Some phone brands are better at software updates than others, and some are just terrible. Samsung has had a track record of speedy updates in recent years. Nokia and OnePlus are also known for updating their products, though not as fast as Samsung has done it. Xiaomi updates their top models and some others below them. With the other Android brands, software updates are often a hit-and-miss affair.

How to make your Android phone run faster by restarting it 

It is well known that any device can perform faster and better simply off of a restart. This is true for all kinds of smartphones. Doing this should address most of the performance issues, as it deletes temporary files to speed up the phone and clears the phone’s memory. I recommend that you restart your smartphone at a fixed interval, perhaps once a week, or once in two weeks, depending on your usage.

How to make your Android phone run faster by using Lite Versions of apps

Lite versions of apps are the shortened versions of these said apps. Apps Tit Tok, Facebook, e.t.c. The lite versions are usually limited in comparison to the actual applications and don’t offer as many features. These lightweight apps, which do not work your device as hard as the main ones, are designed for entry-level smartphones and designed for users who want to keep their apps simple or use something simple. They help boost the performance of your device and lower your data and charges.

How to make your Android phone run faster with a hard reset

If you are looking for a simple method that will help you to make your Android phone run faster, it may be the most effective. If you do a hard reset on any kind of cell phone, then all the phone data will be deleted, and the phone’s storage will be clean, so you need to back up all the data before proceeding. A hard reset will restore your cell phone to factory state – as good as new, and the random-access memory (RAM) of your device will start working like new again.

If you want a top performing Android smartphone, be ready to spend on an upper mid-range, budget flagship, or premium flagship model. Examples of those include Samsung Galaxy S series, Google Pixel phones, Motorola S and X series, and current foldable or folding phones from any brand, among others. You will hardly ever encounter a slowness or stutter on those bad boys. They have the most powerful processors and more than adequate RAM, among other performance features. If you are unable to afford one of those, then you may have to settle for the more affordable, entry-level and budget smartphone models. In which case, you will find handy the above tips on how to make your Android phone run faster.

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