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How to Print From An iPhone or iPad

Avatar of Joan Agie By Joan Agie Feb28,2023
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Despite the fact that we mostly live paperless lives, there are still times when we’ll need to print something. Fortunately, printing wirelessly from your iPhone or iPad is as simple as sending a text message.

Apple’s AirPrint printing technology, along with a few useful third-party apps, makes printing from an iPhone or iPad quick and easily accomplished. This article will show you some extremely useful tips to print from your iPhone or iPad with virtually any printer.

How to Print From An iPhone or iPad

How Can I Print from an iPhone or iPad?

Are you curious about how printing from your iPhone or iPad works? Here’s how to do it with AirPrint and a few other options.

How to Print from an iPhone or iPad Using AirPrint

There are numerous methods for connecting a printer to an iPhone. The simplest one is to use Apple’s AirPrint feature. There is no need to download an AirPrint app because it’s built-in and ready to use.

Simply look at Apple’s list of AirPrint-compatible printers. If yours in on the list, just make sure it’s linked to the same Wi-Fi network as your iPhone or iPad. There’ll be no need to add the printer because it should appear on your device automatically.

To print from Safari, 

● Click the Share button on a Safari web page

● Then, simply scroll down and select Print.

● This brings up the printer settings on your iPhone or iPad. You must select your printer here (if there’s more than one on your network). 

● You can also specify the number of copies to be made and which pages to print. When you’re finished, press the Print button.

Since some iOS apps lack a printing feature, you may need to export the selected content. Save the document to the Files app to accomplish this — AirPrint is supported by the Files app. If you can’t export the content from the original app, you can make a screenshot of it and print it as a picture.

How to Print Pictures From an iPad or iPhone

Printing photos from iPhone’s or iPad’s Photos app is simple. Follow the same steps as above to print a single image. Find the photo you want to print, then tap the Share button, followed byPrint.

You can also print a large number of images at once from an iPhone or iPad. To do so,

● Open Photos and click on Select in the upper-right corner. 

● Select all of the photos you want to print — check marks will appear beside the ones you’ve added. (Tap them once more if you’d like to deselect them.)

● Finally, tap the Share button, then the Print icon, and then Continue

How to Connect a Printer to an iPhone or iPad

AirPrint should connect you to your printer if it’s supported, but finding your printer may still be a problem.

If the goal is to AirPrint from an iPhone or iPad on a supported printer and it’s not working, make sure both the printer and your device are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Some printers use both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, but AirPrint will not work unless you are connected to Wi-Fi.

How to Print from an iPhone Using a Dedicated App for Your Printer

If you need to connect your iPhone to a wireless printer that doesn’t support AirPrint, your best bet is to check if your printer has its own app.

The majority of printer manufacturers offer apps made to function with their own hardware on the same network, including HP Smart, Canon PRINT, and Epson iPrint. These apps may provide additional features, such as changing the print size to print full pages, that you won’t find elsewhere.

How to Print From An iPhone Using Third-Party Printing Apps

Some of the third-party apps below should be able to help if the options we’ve mentioned above aren’t working for you.

PrintDirect is an older but dependable app for printers that aren’t supported by AirPrint. It is free to download and test, but full functionality requires an in-app purchase. While it detects printers connected to the same Wi-Fi network as AirPrint, it also works with printers that aren’t AirPrint-compatible.

To print a document from an iPhone or iPad with PrintDirect, 

● Open it and tap the Share icon. Then select Save to Files.

● After you’ve saved your file, you can use PrintDirect to print it on your preferred printer. 

● Scroll down until you see More under Files > Share

● Scroll down to PrintDirect and tap More. Then, open the document, set your printer preferences, and print.

Use Smart Air Printer App

The Smart Air Printer App, one of the best printer apps available, has a plethora of features that make printing from your iPhone or iPad simple

After downloading the app, all you have to do is select the file from your device that you want to print or scan. Scanning documents is preferable to photographing them because it makes them printer-ready and uses less ink.

In summary, you can print from your iPhone and iPad in a simple and easy way by using the tips and suggestions we’ve provided above.

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