How to Retrieve Deleted WhatsApp Messages

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Have you recently changed phones and are unsure how to recover your previous WhatsApp conversations? If you have a backup, you can restore your account using one of several methods. What will you do if this is not the case? How do you recover deleted chat messages?

In this article, we will go over the various methods for recovering WhatsApp messages, both with and without backups. And what to do if you want to see conversations that were accidentally deleted.

You can retrieve or recover deleted WhatsApp messages.

Restoring WhatsApp Backup from The Cloud

The application makes backup copies of your chats so that you can restore them instantly if you uninstall it or change phones. This will assist you in retrieving the oldest WhatsApp conversations. To see if this function is enabled, simply perform the following steps:

  • Navigate to “Settings.”
  • Click on “Chats.”
  • Navigate to the “Chat Backup” section.

The last copy made and the date appear in the first section. Depending on the model of your device, you can connect it to Google Drive or iCloud to restore messages from the cloud.

How to Recover WhatsApp Messages with Google Drive

Whether you uninstalled WhatsApp or changed phones, you can always access the messages you previously saved to Google Drive to continue your conversations. To access the restored chats, you should ideally always use the same Google account. Set up your account by following these steps:

i. Download and install WhatsApp on your device.
ii. Launch the app and follow the on-screen instructions to verify your phone number.
iii. You will receive the verification code via SMS. Fill it out and authorize the permits once you receive it.
iv. When you access the chats, a message will appear asking if you want to restore the backup.
v. Select “Restore” and wait a few moments.
vi. When the restoration is complete, click “Next.”

This process can take minutes to hours depending on the size of the backup. It also heavily depends on the internet’s speed and the amount of memory available on your device. You will not be able to restore WhatsApp backups if you use another Google account or number.

How to Recover WhatsApp Messages with iCloud

i. Download and reinstall WhatsApp on your iPhone.
ii. Follow the on-screen prompts to verify your phone number.
iii. Create a verification code.
iv. Select to restore backups of all saved chats to your iCloud.

Check that the Apple ID is correct for effective restoration. Check to see if you previously enabled the option to restore copies from iCloud Drive. Finally, double-check that your phone number is the same as it has always been.

How to Recover WhatsApp Messages without Backups

Normally, when you or the person on the other end delete messages on purpose or by accident, they cannot be recovered. However, you can use the content of notifications to track a whole conversation on some Android devices. On the iPhone, it is more complicated, and you can only use backup copies.

You can try two methods to recover WhatsApp conversations without a backup in this case. One method is to use third-party apps, while another is to view the notification history. Following that, we will briefly explain each of them.

Third party Apps to View Deleted WhatsApp Messages

There are numerous applications that claim to restore WhatsApp in a matter of minutes. The issue is that they save your personal information (name, phone number, contacts, etc.), so we advise caution when using them.
This feature is available in the following apps:

  1. WhatsRemoved+

This app monitors all WhatsApp notifications and folders for changes. As a result, if a file is accidentally deleted, it can be recovered immediately.


WARM is another good app for restoring deleted chats that include both text and media files. You must grant it permission to access notifications and thus store the content as it is updated in order to use it.

Recovering Deleted WhatsApp Messages with Notification History

Accessing the notification history is the best way to recover deleted WhatsApp conversations. The issue is that not all Android models support this feature because it is heavily dependent on the manufacturer. However, if you have it on your mobile device, you can do the following:

i. To add a widget, tap the screen for a few seconds.
ii. Add the “Settings” widget to the home screen.
iii. Select “Notification Log” (title may vary by device model).
iv. Select the widget once it has been created to view the notification history.
v. Locate the deleted WhatsApp messages in order to recover them.

You can recover a message using the notification history as long as it generated a notification and you read it. Furthermore, it only retrieves text and not media content. Finally, because Android is constantly updating it, you must access it to see the deleted text immediately.

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