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Intermedia Phone Service reviews

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Intermedia phone service
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Intermedia is a cloud communications company that helps over 125,000 businesses connect better. This is done through voice, video conferencing, chat, contact center, business email and productivity, file sharing and backup, security, archiving, and more. They have a highly reliable and secure platform. Now, let’s go through a few reviews and see what Intermedia is all about.

Intermedia phone service

Intermedia phone service site reviews on Trustpilot

The first site I visited was Trustpilot and the site was filled with so many good reviews. The site has an overall review star rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars which is promising. A lot of customers, if not all, praised their excellent customer service, reliable tech support and good phone plans. A lot of customers seemed genuinely happy with Intermedia. Here’s one:

We have used Intermedia as our Exchange host and for file sharing for the last several years and their systems have been extremely consistent. no down time, log in issues, etc. When we have needed customer support, it has been easy to reach by phone and issues are resolved while on the call.

I only spotted very few bad reviews about the company on this site. There were some complaints about employees lying to customers, issues with the website and issues with cancelling an account. There was a reviews in which a customer complained about the customer service and misleading promises. Here’s the review: 

Insane billing. Crap billing customer support. they hang-up my phone after 60 minutes. spoke with “AJ” and “Gabriel”. Now this in going to FTC and BBB.

1) they will start charging you the day you open an account regardless when the phone system arrive. usually time-frame is 2-3 weeks. so basically it cost you more than $100 while you are awaiting phones. 2) they promised me for shipping credit not done and charged me $81 so total $181. on top they charge you two months in advance. For 3 lines a tension headache of 1000’s of dollars so save your ER visit and go traditional with any company. They will Intensionally hang-up on you. but trustpilot is real. (source)

Intermedia Phone Service

Intermedia Phone Service reviews on GetApp

The next site I found reviews on was the site, GetApp. The site had an overall review star rating of 4.8 stars out of 5 stars. I loved how the reviews on this site were set up. Every review on the site, whether good or bad, had pros and cons. So even if someone gave a bad review, the person could still share what they enjoyed about the company and their service. Here are a few pros:


The Hardware Phone and Softclient have an outstanding availability and quality of service, no matter whether the user works in the office, at home or on Hotel or Airport Wifi.

Kevin Dominik K.

Ease of use and the many features it offers our organization. The best technical support that is always geared to our success.

Steve C.

The Rep was amazing to work with. His patience with me and calm guidance made this transition.

Ruth L.


Got my phone number that the other company was refusing to transport.

David G.

As of this writing, I have no reason to switch to any other phone service.


I truly have used this service since I started my firm. The worst thing I can think of was the early phones did not connect well to the base.

Lynne J.

Last Words

After visiting different sites and reading through all the reviews, I would definitely recommend Intermedia’s phone service. None of the sites I visited had less than a 4 star overall review rating, and that says a lot. So if you are thinking of using their service, it looks like a good bet, based on the available user reviews.

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