The Interview: How BlackBerry saved Sony Pictures

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When Sony Pictures’ corporate e-mail servers were taken down by hackers last month, it was BlackBerrys that “saved” the day. Sony employees were able to get back online because BlackBerrys send and receive email via their own servers.

The incident was widely reported by mainstream news media including: The Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, Bloomberg News, and others.

Inside BlackBerry says:

The BlackBerry devices, along with other tactics, were key to the efforts of Sony’s IT department to keep its 6,000 employees productive in the aftermath of the cyberattack, which took down computers and landline phones during Thanksgiving week, as well as resulted in the temporary halting of the distribution of the movie, “The Interview.”

Security has always been a big deal. This incident only served to highlight it. Many high profile individuals and corporations globally still trust BlackBerry for their mobile security.

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