Palm is now a TCL company

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As a sequel to my article, Will Palm be back in mobile?, global handset vendor, TCL Communication Technology Holdings Limited has announced that it has purchased the Palm brand and will create a new Palm Inc., a US-based company that will take ownership of the Palm brand. According to TCL, “the new Palm Inc. will remain a truly Californian, Silicon Valley, based company leveraging on the talents and partnerships of the area.”

TCL Communication also produces smartphones under the Alcatel OneTouch and TCL brands. The exact timeline of the roll-out of the Palm project will be communicated at a later date. TCL’s intentions to continue with the legacy of Palm is commendable. The question is how well this Chinese brand will be able to execute it.

We wait.

PS: Motorola, now a Lenovo company. Palm, now a TCL company. What other American mobile pioneer will soon get swallowed by the Chinese? Yes; mobile innovation moved to China.

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