How To Keep Your Phone From Overheating In Summer

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After several months of using our cell phones in the most extreme cold weather and temperatures in Winter, it is easy to forget how hot summertime can be and forget to take adequate steps to keep your phone from overheating in summer. For example, summer temperature in Florida, Arizona, and Nevada can hover between 73 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit, and there are many other locations on the fringes of that range.

During summer, it is common for phones to overheat due to the higher temperature and humidity. Phone batteries, especially, are some of the most delicate parts that are susceptible to heating. Because of their chemical composition and the risks of damage, you want to make sure that you keep an eye on the temperature of your cell phone. The display of your smartphone is also a potential point of damage in higher temperatures, so you want to be careful.

How To Keep Your Phone From Overheating In Summer
One thing you should do to keep your phone from overheating in summer is to avoid leaving your smartphone in direct sunlight

Some phones will warn you when things warm up significantly, as overheating is one of the things that degrades the battery in any electronics gadget. For example, your iPhone or Google Pixel will also refuse to charge when they start overheating, so as not to experience damage. Google Pixel phones are known for overheating issues, so you want to be extra careful in summer time.

How to protect your phone from overheating in summer time

Summer time is great for outdoor activities – walking, running, hiking, swimming, long drives, etc. Your phone will be exposed to the sun’s heat a lot. Whatever you do, and whatever kind of smartphone you use, you should do all you can to keep your phone from overheating in summer. Let’s look at some tips, so you know what to do to keep your precious cell phone cool.

Avoid direct sunlight

Whether you are in a car or out in the open, keep your phone away from direct sunlight as much as possible. If you need to use your phone outside, try to find a shaded area. In a vehicle, do not leave your cell phone on the dashboard or any other area that is prone to direct sunlight. Have you noticed how hot your car’s dash gets in summer? Leaving your phone there is asking for trouble. Find the coolest spots in your vehicle for keeping your phone and other electronics.

Take breaks: put the phone down

One of the causes of phone overheating in summer is persistent use. If you’re using your phone for extended periods of time, take breaks to let it cool down. Even better, turn off your phone for a few minutes to give it a break. If you really must keep it on because, for example, you need the camera for pictures, put it in Flight Mode to turn off all wireless radio.

Ditch the case

I know that many smartphone users do not want to hear this, because they are pretty sure they will drop their precious smartphone and damage it, but in summertime when temperatures rise, one of the best things you can do is remove the case. Cell phone cases are heat traps and so contribute to making your phone hotter. If your phone has a case, remove it to allow better airflow and keep it from overheating.

Don’t charge your phone in extreme temperatures

I mentioned earlier about how the battery in an electronics gadget is susceptible to heat. Please, do not charge your phone in higher temperatures as it can cause overheating and serious damage to the battery. If your environment is hot and your battery is running low, put the phone down for a while so it cools down before plugging it to charge. Some smartphones have an intelligent system in place to protect them: even if you lug them to charge in hot weather, they will not charge and will display a message telling you so. But just don’t do it; don’t expose your smartphone to that risk.

Avoid heavy duty tasks

To keep your phone from overheating in summer time, especially when th temperature is high, avoid using it for heavy tasks like gaming, video editing, heavy downloading, and the like. Reserve these activities for when you are in a shade or an air-conditioned environment. Avoid using apps that require a lot of processing power.

Use a cooling pad

One thing you can do to keep your phone from overheating in summer is to buy and use a cooling pad. These are small pads that you can place your phone on to help dissipate heat. Be a scout and get one upfront; you never know when it will come in handy.

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