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How to make the Nokia G10 faster and perform better

The Nokia G10 was launched in April 2021 as a budget smartphone. It is a simple but elegant device that has a 6.5″ screen, and a light but durable build. It has a MediaTek MT67626 Helio G25 processor and a Triple AI camera. It also comes with 2 years of security updates. The Nokia G10 has a 5050 mAh Li-Po battery that gives long-lasting power.


Now, are you looking to make your Nokia G10 run faster and smoother?  Have you had problems with your phone being laggy and slow? Here are some ways to make your Nokia G10 perform much better and faster. 

make Nokia G10 faster

Delete Unused apps

The benefit of owning a Nokia smartphone, the G10 included, is that they do not come with bloatware and unwanted apps. Any smartphone user would love to have all their desired apps installed. This might lead to large amounts of apps piling up on the device, over time. It is important to form a habit of uninstalling unused apps and games. Having lots of these apps will hinder and slow down the performance of your device. 


Especially when you have some of them running in the background. They also become so many and have so much data on each one of them, that there is barely any storage space left for your device to run as smoothly as you may have liked.

Clear App Cache

Cleaning the cache of the app on your Nokia G10 is important in terms of sending up your phone. Clearing the cache of an app can make that particular app run faster and smoother than it did before, and reduce possible lag. Clearing cache is also very important for entry-level devices too to help them improve their performance. As they are not as powerful as high-end devices. You can clear the cache of any app by long pressing the app icon, selecting App info, and then Storage. There will be an option to Clear cache. Select that and you’re good to go.



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It is important to keep your Nokia G10 updated. This is because, with every new update, there might be security enhancements (which are crucial) but there might also be performance improvements added to the update that can make your overall experience, and device speed, better. 

Restarting your Device 


It is well known that any device can perform faster and better simply off of a restart. The same holds for the Nokia G10. Doing this should address most of the performance issues, as it deletes temporary files to speed up the phone and clears the phone’s memory.

Use the Lite Version applications

Lite versions of apps are the shortened versions of these said apps. Apps Tit Tok, Facebook, e.t.c. The lite versions are usually limited in comparison to the actual applications and don’t offer as many features. These lightweight apps, that do not work your device as hard as the main ones, are designed for entry-level smartphones and designed for users who want to keep their apps simple or use something simple. They help boost the performance of your device and lower your data and charges.


Hard Reset

If you are looking for a simple method on how to Make Nokia G10 Run Faster, it may be the most effective. If you do a hard reset on your Nokia G10, then all the phone data will be deleted, and the phone’s storage will be clean. At the same time, the random-access memory of your Nokia G10 will start working like new again. However, you need to back up all the data before performing a hard reset.

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The main reason for this is a hard reset because all the data in your Nokia G10 storage will erase. This will increase the performance of your Nokia G10 phone compared to its previous state before the reset. But it bears too much of a cost for some. If you are fine with having all your data lost, you can go for this option. It will certainly improve the phone’s performance and feel like you just bought a new phone.

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