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MediaTek Processor Ranking Lists (2024): The Super Guide

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MediaTek Dimensity & Helio Processor Ranking Lists 2022: From The Least To The Best
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Key takeaway: MediaTek has two lines of processors – Helio for 4G and Dimensity for 5G. The best 5G MediaTek processor in 2024 is the Dimensity 9300, and the best 4G MediaTek processor is the Helio G99. For the detailed ranking lists and other info, read on.

In this article, we present two MediaTek Processor ranking lists – one for Dimensity processor ranking and the second for Helio processor ranking. MediaTek is a mobile chip manufacturer that has grown over the years to rival Qualcomm in many areas. The manufacturer produces chipsets (processors) that span the three broad tiers of the smartphone market – premium flagships, mid-rangers, and the entry-level segments.

Sometimes, MediaTek’s chip naming system is confusing, as you will find some chips with a lower number but with superior capabilities to some other numbered higher. This list helps to clear away that confusion. It also lets you see which models are the best and most powerful, and which ones are used in cheap Android phones.

mediatek processor list by performance 2023
Which is the best Dimensity processor and which is the best Helio processor?

MediaTek Processor List by Performance: Dimensity Processor Ranking 2024

Android smartphones using Dimensity chipsets are among the most powerful cell phones in the market in 2024. Dimensity chips are also all 5G-compliant, and are also found in 5G Android phones only.

  • Dimensity 9300
  • Dimensity 9200 Plus
  • Dimensity 9200
  • Dimensity 8300
  • Dimensity 9000 Plus
  • Dimensity 9000
  • Dimensity 8200
  • Dimensity 8100
  • Dimensity 7200
  • Dimensity 8050
  • Dimensity 1300
  • Dimensity 1200
  • Dimensity 8020
  • Dimensity 1100
  • Dimensity 7030
  • Dimensity 1050
  • Dimensity 1000 Plus
  • Dimensity 7020
  • Dimensity 930
  • Dimensity 7050
  • Dimensity 1080
  • Dimensity 920
  • Diemsnity 1000
  • Dimensity 1000L
  • Dimensity 820
  • Dimensity 900
  • Dimensity 6080
  • Dimensity 810
  • Dimensity 800U
  • Dimensity 800
  • Dimensity 6100+
  • Dimensity 6020
  • Dimensity 700
  • Dimensity 720

MediaTek Processor Ranking List By Performance for Helio Chipsets

MediaTek Helio processors power mid-range and entry-level Android phones. There are no Helio chips with 5G support. They are strictly 3G and 4G compliant.

  1. Helio G99
  2. Helio G95
  3. Helio G90
  4. Helio G96
  5. Helio G90T
  6. Helio P90
  7. Helio G88
  8. Helio G85
  9. Helio G80
  10. Helio P95
  11. Helio G70
  12. Helio P65
  13. Helio P70
  14. Helio P60
  15. Helio G37
  16. Helio G35
  17. Helio P35
  18. Helio A25
  19. Helio G25

Which is the best Dimensity processor and which is the best Helio processor in 2024?

In conclusion, from our Dimensity processor ranking above, we can see that the Dimensity 9300 chip is the most powerful and best MediaTek processor overall in the market at this time, while the Helio G99 is the best Helio processor, as well as the best 4G chipset, from MediaTek.

The Dimensity 9300 was unveiled in November 2023. It is a 5G-compliant chipset that promises faster display speeds, operating speed and faster memory. It will power some of the top-tier Android flagships by the end of 2023 and all the way through 2024.

However, before the launch of the Dimensity 9300, the most powerful MediaTek chipset was the Dimensity 9200 Plus (or Dimensity 9200+), which was released in the second half of 2023. It is also a 5G-compliant chipset used in some premium, flagship Android smartphones.

While we have seen the release of new Dimensity processors all through the year, the Helio processor range has been stuck on a plateau for months. The current most powerful Helio chipset, the Helio G99, was announced back in May 2022. And Helio G99 phones have been in the market shortly after. There is a narrow chance that MediaTek will stop investing in new 4G chipsets and move forward with only new 5G chipsets.

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