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Motorola Moto G 5G problems and solutions

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Motorola Moto G 5G problems and their solutions
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The Moto G 5G is a great example of a budget phone done right. It has great features for a phone that costs that little, but it has problems that might scar the great experience you could have with this device. We are going to be looking at those problems today.

Motorola Moto G 5G problems and their solutions
A look at common Motorola Moto G 5G problems and their fixes

Motorola Moto G 5G problem 1: Fast battery drainage

A lot of users who recently got the Moto G 5G or purchased the device a long time ago, have all complained heavily about how fast the battery of the device dies. Some say it only lasts about 5-6 hours. Some say 6-7 hours tops, and that’s on moderate use only. Imagine trying to play a heavy game that also requires a network connection. I mean, I would not want to have to charge my phone 3-4 times a day. The Moto G 5G’s battery power itself does not last very long but here are some ways to possibly reduce how fast your battery drains.

•Playing games that require a network connection and have high-quality graphics will drain your battery quickly. So, you might need to cut down on some gaming time. Just so your Moto G 5G can last a little longer.

•Charging your Moto G 5G past 100% for a while can diminish the durability of your phone’s battery. You have to always look out for when it hits the 100% mark and unplug your charger. The more you overcharge it, the more the lifespan weakens.

•Turning off connectivity options like Wi-Fi, data connection, Bluetooth, GPS, e.t.c. when they are not in use will help you maintain a long-lasting battery. Leaving even one or a combination of any one of these options will eat your battery up. Try as much as possible to remember to put them off when you are done with whatever activity you might be engaging in.

•How high your screen brightness is can be the cause of your battery draining fast. Try to get used to using your device on low-level brightness, it saves a lot of power.

Motorola Moto G 5G problem 2: Dropping calls

If you are having problems with dropping calls on your Moto G 5G, you might need to reboot your device. Rebooting it will re-established a connection with your mobile network. You can also try turning on Airplane mode for a few seconds and turning it off again. 

Motorola Moto G 5G problem 3: Overheating

Overheating is a common issue among smartphones that can leave you frustrated over time because other problems tend to spawn from it. And quite several users have complained about overheating on the Moto G 5G. The most common causes of overheating are the level of screen brightness on your device and constant/heavy use of your device’s processor. Smartphone manufacturers usually roll out firmware updates to fix problems like this when it becomes rampant across different users and worsens in terms of how much damage it does to the device. So, be sure to look out for any updates on your Moto G 5G. Here are some ways to fix or reduce overheating.

•If you are someone who plays a lot of games or games heavily, you might need to cut down on the amount of time you spend gaming, unless, no matter what you try to do your phone will always overheat because of the kind of games you are playing. A perfect example of a game like this is Call of duty: Mobile.

•Cleaner and Antivirus based apps cause serious overheating and lag when they are opened or activated. If you have any of these two on your Moto G 5G, delete them.

•Leaving your Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Hotspot, GPS, e.t.c. on for some time will cause overheating. Turn them off when you are not using them.

•Using your Moto G 5G while charging will also cause it to overheat. Especially when you are playing games and charging. It is probably the worst combination you can attempt. Try as much as you can to let your phone charge before using it.

Motorola Moto G 5G problem 4: Black Screen

Some users have complaints about a black screen popping up whenever they have outgoing or incoming calls from anyone. To fix this, go to your settings. Find Developer Options and disable the blur. This should solve this issue.

Motorola Moto G 5G problem 5: Poor camera quality

There have been so many complaints about how poor the camera quality of the Moto G 5G is. If you are someone that likes taking pictures, you probably need to get a different phone that suits your needs.

Follow these instructions above and you should be stress-free and problem free. If you have any other problems that were not mentioned, comment them down below and we will get back to you

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