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MediaTek Unveils Two New Processors for Gaming Smartphones

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Taiwanese tech company MediaTek has recently unveiled two new smartphone chipsets for mobile gaming: The Helio G70 and G80. The new chipsets are set to be launched in India this month, with a number of gaming-optimized specs for cheaper priced gaming phones. 

MediaTek says these chips are “premium” but mid-tier chipsets, so they are expected to be fitted into affordable mid-range gaming phones. Both chipsets come with a 12nm node 8-core design having two A75 “big” cores that operate at 2GHz, they are also paired with six A55 “small” CPUs that operate at 1.8GHZ, plus an AMR “Mali-G52 class” GPU running at 950MHz.

Mediatek Helio G90 G90T

Both chipsets can work very well with RAM going up to 8GB, as at now, there are no clear cut differences between both chipsets.

MediaTek is also reportedly supporting its “HyperEngine” gaming secret sauce, that is set to come with extra features going from more effective switching between Wi-Fi and LTE in-game and improved resource management. Some other benefits are multi-camera support, voice on wakeup and a rolling shutter compensation.

With India’s smartphone gaming market continuously expanding, there will be lots of more affordable gaming smartphones for customers to pick from. The Helio G90 was a success in the market, and with the G70 and G80 set to be released this month, it is hoped that the SoCs can be a hit in India and then go on to bring increased market penetration in other regions like the US.

MediaTek have been known to provide chipsets for smartphones like Tecno, Xiaomi and OPPO, and hold the second largest market share currently among chipmakers. If you want the best gaming phones, these processors are not what you are looking for, though. What you want are the most powerful processors. These ones only bring capable gaming capabilities to the mid-range market.


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