New Twitter Feature Lets Users Discover New Lists

Social media platform Twitter has included a new feature to its “Lists”, helping users discover new lists and adding them to their feed. Twitter made the announcement through its account, they also tweeted a short clip that shows users what this feature is like and how to use it.

Users will also now see a “Show More Recommendations” option in the “Discover new lists” section that will let them search for more lists that they may be interested in. This feature is currently being released to the Android and iOS platforms gradually, with no news yet regarding the Web client version.

Twitter To Make Users Read Content Before Retweeting

The lists would turn up in the search results based on who the user follows, the current lists that the user follows, and the content the user and lists tweet about. Lists have been a part of the platform for a long time, helping users curate the kind of content that they see on their timelines.

Twitter has been making a number of helpful updates of recent, as certain iOS users can now “hear” tweets through the new Voice Tweets feature recently rolled out on the platform. This feature gives users up to 140 seconds of audio time on any individual voice tweet.



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