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Twitter Introduces New Voice Tweets Feature For iOS Users

Twitter has announced that it is currently testing a new feature that will let certain users send tweets by recording their voices, letting them get up to 140 seconds of audio on each tweet. This feature started rolling out selectively on Wednesday, with certain iOS users already able to record their tweets and upload to the social media site.

The feature is expected to hit a number of more iOS users in the coming weeks. The company also mentioned that in light of this new feature, they are taking steps to monitor the voice tweets to ensure that they do not go against any of the platform’s laid down rules. This implies that content that may be deemed abusive, divisive or untrue will be reviewed by the company.

Twitter To Make Users Read Content Before Retweeting

iOS users will be able to create voice tweets by using the new “wavelengths” icon on the Tweet composer screen. Twitter is currently working on ways to see this functionality in a number of other systems including its Web and Android versions. This feature comes at a time where Twitter is working hard to clamp down on false news by fact-checking certain content on the platform.

The new voice tweet feature may come in handy for certain content creators on the platform, making it easier to pass across certain information and content on the social media platform.



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