Nokia Phones in USA with price list: The best Nokia smartphones to buy

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IDC, Counterpoint, and Strategy Analytics all have good news about Nokia phones in USA and other countries. Here are the highlights of the reports:

  •  Nokia tripled its US smartphone shipments in Q2 2022
  • Nokia Mobile is now the 5th top smartphone brand in the USA
  • The US market is now Nokia Mobile’s largest smartphone market with 10% of its total shipments
  • Nokia smartphones are now in 3rd position in terms of market share in the UK
  • Nokia is now in the top 5 smartphone brands in 23 markets, as at Q2 2022.
List Of Nokia Phones In USA

In the years when Nokia Mobile was the undisputed global market leader in cell phones, the company struggled to get a firm footing in the United States. This was 1998 to 2013. Part of the problem was perception: Nokia was more known in the USA for its feature phones. As such, Nokia smartphones were looked on as “cheap”. Also, the US mobile market was (and is still largely) distinct from how things work elsewhere. Carrier partnerships were essential back in the day, and Nokia struggled with this.

Nokia’s glory years were followed by their experiment with Windows Phone OS and Microsoft, from 2011 through 2013 when Microsoft purchased Nokia’s mobile division, till 2016 when Nokia bought it back from Microsoft. During this period, Nokia sold a range of Android and Windows smartphones in the U.S., through a variety of retailers and carriers, including AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon. In all, it was a hard time for the Finnish brand that once had 51% of the global mobile phone market for years.

After that period, a new generation of Nokia smartphones made by HMD Global and powered exclusively by Android OS arrived in 2017 and began to be sold in the country. Nokia 6 was the first product of this new dispensation. The first few years were a struggle, but from 2021, Nokia phones began to sell well in the United States.

According to the Q2 2022 reports by IDC, Counterpoint Research, and Strategy Analytics, the company tripled its shipment in the US, became the number 5 top selling smartphone brand in the country, and the United States is now Nokia Mobile’s biggest market.

List Of Nokia Phones In USA, Along With Their Prices

HMD Global’s present strategy is to manufacture entry-level and mid-range Nokia phones that offer serious value for money. The company no longer produces premium flagship smartphones. For how long will that last? Nobody can say for sure. Listed here are Nokia smartphones that are available in the United States, and their prices.

US Carriers That Carry Nokia Phones In USA

While you can buy Nokia phones in USA, unlocked, from independent retailers, they are also available on the following carriers:

  1. T-Mobile
  2. Metro by T-Mobile
  3. TracFone Wireless
  4. DISH Wireless
  5. Consumer Cellular

HMD Global say they are working hard to improve availability of its phones on more telecom carriers. It looks like Nokia is making great gains in the US mobile market and in the United Kingdom (UK) market as well. In the United States, Nokia X30 5G starts from £399, Nokia G60 5G starts from £249.99, and Nokia C31 from £109.

If the Q2 2022 reports by IDC, Counterproint Research, and Strategy Analytics are anything to go by, the old Norse cell phone god just might be rising again and ready for extra prime time. Time will tell.

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