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The Comprehensive Dish Phone Service Reviews: What Users Are Saying

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Dish phone service
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DISH, also known as ‘DIgital Sky Highway’, is an American television provider. They are also the owners of the direct-broadcast satellite provider, Dish, commonly known as Dish Network, and Sling TV. Dish also offers a mobile wireless service, Dish Wireless. Available mobile plans include a prepaid service, Boost Mobile, and there are plans to add a postpaid service in the future.

Dish phone service reviews

Dish Phone Service Reviews on Consumer Affairs Website

The first website I came across reviews on Dish’s phone service was ConsumerAffairs and the site had an overall star review rating of 3.7 out of 5 stars. There was a good amount of bad reviews. Apparently, a lot of customers were not happy with Dish’s services. Some complained about not being given the ‘basic  cable channels’ and the company refusing to do anything about it. There were complaints about their customer service and Dish refusing to cancel their account. Here’s one of the reviews:

•Seriously, they are the worst. Their customer service and service are terrible, now after 600 bucks to get out. I am in full regret. TV service went out daily and received texts daily that the service was down. Don’t do it. You will regret it. Trying to get out.

Now, on to the good reviews, some customers praised the quality service of Dish, customer service and tech support. Here’s one of the good reviews:

•I’ve been happy with them for over 10 years. There’s a good selection of channels and it’s much less expensive than Comcast. The service doesn’t go out and the remote makes it easy to navigate. I can also record more shows than I’d ever need to. I have a joey for the 2nd TV and the box for that is really small.


Dish Network reviews

Dish phone service reviews on Trustpilot website

Around 80% of the reviews on the Trustpilot website were bad but let’s start with the good reviews. Few people praised the customer service, prices and tech support. It seems like Dish has a wonderful tech support because thats what most of the good reviews were about. Here’s one: 

Chris Jackson was our tech who came to fix our TV. WHAT AN EXPERT HE IS. He knew immediately what the problem was and fixed it with great speed. He is a very pleasing representative for your company. He leaves a good impression. Thanks for having Chris at Dish.

For the bad reviews, there were a lot of complaints about Dish’s customer service. A lot of customers also noticed that Dish kept increasing their bill. Many were also unhappy with the lack of many channels on Dish. There were also major complaints about difficulty in cancelling account or contract. Customers wrote about how they were charged $200-$600 because they wanted to cancel their contract with Dish. Here’s a review:

 •Dish network Was in my house for 4 days. I was without a television for 4 days They could never get it to work. The installation tech finally gave up After almost 6 hours and left. I called over and over Again And they could never get it to work. Direct TV on the 5th day Reconnected Their service And I’ve had television every since. Now they want me to give them $566. Never going to happen. Senior citizens Beware of this scam.


Dish phone service

Last Words

After reading reviews from different customers and sites, it seems like Dish has a huge amount of work to do with their services. No company is perfect but the feedback from their existing users isn’t flattering at all. 

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